Placement on the February Ballot

A few weeks ago, I attended the ballot drawing held by the County Election Commission to determine the order of names on the ballot for candidates in the Feb. 19th primary. (Nothing like up-to-the-minute blogging, eh?)

As it turns out, my name will be the third name on the ballot. And as it so happens, the shortest name, which makes it easier to find. Just connect the lines, and we will go from there.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

2 thoughts on “Placement on the February Ballot”

  1. Hi Jason.. I just read the candidate summaries at and will definitely be voting for you!

    I strongly support our parks, even if it means a tax increase. As a local history buff I know just how far they have fallen from their heyday. Selling off prime park land as Kraeger has suggested as an option is dangerous… such land allotments are no longer available and could never be replaced in the future.

    I also believe that biodiesel for the county bus system should be examined… although I am concerned about the smell. Also, as you say, 27th Street is major commercial corridor so traffic should not be diverted from it.

    As for Raclaw, well, having been bullied and abused by the Milwaukee Police my entire life I am not about to vote for one of their pervert detectives… no matter what his stance is.

    While I’m typing away here… if you are elected, please work with the city and remove all of the horrible concrete lining that channelize our (once) natural waterways. Most notably the Wilson Park creek and all of it’s tributaries. I have read a study on the extremely poor state of the Kinnickinnic River (it was listed as one of America’s most endangered rivers in 2007) and agree with a quote that most residents now perceive the waterways to be nothing more than municipal sewerage drainage cricks. People don’t even realize that they were once naturally occurring.

    Take care and good luck!

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your support!

    With regard to the smell from biodiesel fuel in buses, I understand where you’re coming from. We wouldn’t want the air to smell of fried food all the time, but honestly, that only happens with home-brewed fuel. The smell is faint if you burn commercially produced fuel, and it smells a bit like someone’s cooking vegetable oil.

    We could always just keep things as they are, but I don’t like the black soot that comes from buses, or dirty diesel exhaust. I believe the buses would smell better with even a little biodiesel in the fuel, and that may get more people taking the bus.

    As for the KK River, I’m with you! While that may be a bit beyond what the county can do by itself, I definitely want to see that fixed. I am good at getting people together to work together, and I believe I could help bring the right parties together on this.

    Thanks again,

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