Hurrah! Marquette Interchange rebuilding is ahead of schedule, under budget

I gave a happy holler yesterday when I heard on WUWM that the Marquette Interchange highway reconstruction will be done both ahead of schedule and under budget. That’s great news. I have to say that as a driver or passenger, I’ve never seen a highway rebuilding go as smoothly as this one. I noticed a few weekends ago that 794 is now wide open where it joins I-94W. It’s now a real pleasure to sail through there and not have to worry about traffic. Stacie is looking forward to the 10th Street bridge opening up, as that will make her commute from Marquette significantly shorter. And I’m just looking forward to it all being done with!

Some months ago, I was driving north up I-43, when I had this daydream that I-43 was just not there. The great highway that ripped apart the city was gone. In its place was a wide open space, where we could build houses, or parks, or places of business. Of course that’s completely unrealistic, but do we want to keep paying for multi-million dollar highway reconstructions every few decades?

A speeding driver snapped me out of my daydream, but it bears thinking about. It was that long ago that most people and goods came to and from Milwaukee via rail. As diesel and gasoline prices continue to rise, it’s well worth exploring that once again.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

2 thoughts on “Hurrah! Marquette Interchange rebuilding is ahead of schedule, under budget”

  1. Don’t get too excited, Jason. It has at least one flaw to its construction.

    The southbound side of I-43, between Highland and Walnut, is an accident magnet. The design has too much merging, lane changing, and massive and sudden backups. Tons of accidents have, and continue to occur in that corridor.

  2. hmmm. Well, it couldn’t all be perfect, could it?

    It is apparently all open now. Naturally I’d celebrate by going to New York City and walking about 40 miles…..

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