Support Summerfest for taking a stand and doing the right thing

Xoff said it better than I could:

Rabid radio talker Charlie Sykes devoted more than half of his morning show railing on Summerfest for asking the Army to shut down a virtual killing game, urging listeners to call those wimpy Summerfest folks and complain.

Actually, Summerfest needs to be thanked and congratulated for doing the right thing. It is never easy to publicly take a stand and reverse an earlier decision — not to mention facing down the military.

Please take a minute to call Summerfest at 414-273–2680. They need some support.

Update: Money talks more than any right-wing comedian. Summerfest has clarified revised their position a bit, saying that they asked the Army to change the game it so that you can shoot still targets, but not people. To be sure, that’s better than it was. But let’s hear it for Charlie Sykes and the Overreaction Orchestra!


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

4 thoughts on “Support Summerfest for taking a stand and doing the right thing”

  1. I called the Summerfest line to say thanks for convincing the army to remove the “urban warfare” game but got placed on hold and didn’t want to burn a bunch of cell minutes that way. So, I’ll just place a comment here and hope it’s read by someone who was part of the decision. Thank you. I can’t imagine a less appropriate activity at a festival than virtual killing of human beings on a computer game, unless it would be killing people for real. Absolutely disgusting. It’s bad enough that soldiers are sometimes called upon to kill in the line of duty, to offer the “virtual” experience to children as entertainment at a family festival really crosses the line. Charlie Sykes couldn’t be more wrong in complaining about this decision.

  2. Indeed they should, Roger. I’m glad you support the effort to remove the Army’s killing simulation from Summerfest!

  3. Roger, did our tax dollars go to pay for Grand Theft Auto? No

    And is Grand Theft Auto real life, but war is a game? Strange thought patterns you have, sir.

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