HOWTO meet new friends in Bay View (and Milwaukee)

The search term “meet new friends in bayview milwaukee” came up in my blog’s log, which got me thinking, how do you do that?

For one thing, you can easily walk around the neighborhood, especially if you live in Bay View. The neighborhood of Bay View, defined by the Bay View Historical Society as extending from roughly from Becher Street on the north, Morgan Avenue (excluding St. Francis) on the south, Lake Michigan on the east and Sixth Street.

Bay View is a very walkable neighborhood in a very walkable city. By walking, especially though Humboldt Park or along Kinnickinnic Avenue, you’re assured of seeing someone. The nice thing about Bay View is that generally speaking, the folks down are are very friendly and amenable to striking up conversation with total strangers. While you may not see them again for quite some time, it’s good to feel welcome. Keep your wits about you, but also take in the sights and sounds. We watch out for each other down here.

Second, I’d be a fool not to mention that the South Shore Frolics are this weekend! The Frolics are in their 59th year. There’s a fun parade on Saturday at 11AM. And there’s fireworks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at South Shore Park, which is where the festival is during the day. It’s a lot of fun to hang out there, and there’s lots of opportunities at the Frolics to meet some of our local social groups and businesses. And you can’t forget the people! Bay View is all about community, and this is one of our favorite occasions to come out and have fun together.

The South Shore Farmers’ Market will be back at South Shore Park next week. The market is growing in popularity as more people realize that locally rown food is far better in virtually every way than industrially (mass) produced food.

You can try walking (or driving) to one of our local coffee shops along Kinnickinnic Avenue. From south to north, they are Anodyne Coffee Roasters at 2920 S. KK, Sven’s European CafĂ© at 2699 South KK, or Stone Creek Coffee at 2266 S. KK. All three have very good coffee, and have beans available on site. Sven’s is notable for its food. Aside from the soups and pastries, most of their food is prepared fresh and on site. (Say, have you seen those pastries? Don’t they look delicious? Tssh.)

Pick up a copy of the Bay View Compass, our neighborhood’s free local newspaper. The Compass is a really good paper, full of local news and event listings. I write the column “On The Street” for the Compass, so of course I like it. But it is a really good paper. You can pick it up at the three coffee shops on KK, as well as dozens of businesses and institutions around Bay View, such as Classic Slice Pizza. (It’s even up at Transfer Pizzeria Cafe in Walker’s Point. It’s not in Bay View, but it’s well worth a trip.)

Check out the Chill on the Hill concert series in Humboldt Park. Chill on the Hill is a very family-friendly event that happens every Tuesday night through August 26, featuring a local band each night in the Humboldt Park bandshell. Concert-goers are encouraged to bring blankets or lawn chairs, as well as a small picnic. Also, the Milwaukee County Parks concessions truck is on-hand for refreshments, including our favorite beverage, beer.

Speaking of, there’s a number of bars and pubs in Bay View. If you’re a football soccer fan, check out the Highbury at 2320 S. KK. We have also found that politics mixes well with bars at Drinking Liberally, which brings strong progressive politics together with more moderate drinking. As the Novermber election nears, we’ll be getting a number of state and local political candidates, as well as Obama organizers, coming to get the word out an recruit volunteers for their campaigns. Drinking Liberally meets at 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of each month (July 17 is the next one) at Sugar Maple, a smoke-free and cash-only bar at 441 E. Lincoln Ave, just off KK. I happen to host that group, so we’ll be sure to meet, and chances are I can introduce you to some like-minded folks that night.

That’s a good start. Pick any one, and I assure you a good time will be had by all. And in particular, you!


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

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  1. Jason,
    I just wanted to pipe in and say the easiest way it make new friends is find yourself a local bar get to know the staff and become a regular. It’ll happen from there:)

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