Two questions for Phil Landowski

Mr. Landowski is a candidate for the state assembly. He is running as a Democrat against incument Rep. Christine Sinicki.

[August 25: I have endorsed Rep. Sinicki. She deserves your vote on September 9.]

My two questions for you, Mr. Landowski, are:

1. Are you a member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin? If so, for how long have you been a member of the party? If you are not a member of that party, do you belong to any other political parties?

2. You have worked very hard to skirt being affiliated with the group Clean Sweep Wisconsin. But you are now on record as having received an in-kind contribution from Clean Sweep Wisconsin. Now that you have received an in-kind contribution from Clean Sweep Wisconsin, will you now admit that you are affiliated with that group and support its goals?

I appreciate your response.

See Also: Dan Bice’s valiant attempt to extract information from either Tom Reynolds or Phil Landowski. There’s some important information in there that I didn’t touch on and neither man wanted to reveal.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

2 thoughts on “Two questions for Phil Landowski”

  1. I appreciate the questions Haas and the topics you discuss on your site. I’ve been reading with interest your gardening posts – I have a big patch of grass in the backyard that I have aspirations for – hopefully next year.

    In answer to your questions:

    1. No I am not an official member of any Party. I choose to remain as such on principle. These issues delve into both national and state matters.

    On the national level the Democratic Party has a candidate that, all rhetoric aside, continues to support with his Senatorial vote the continued occupation of Iraq at the expense of our dollar and our soldiers’ lives. If the prognosis was wrong (and it was), or worse yet, a lie, we should stop the treatment. From the Democratic Party we also see continued support of Orwellian measures in regards to the emerging police state. The FISA bill that passed with the Democratic Presidential candidate’s support is a civil rights and constitutional nightmare…and we are only scratching the surface.

    On the Republican side I’m still scratching my head wondering what it is ‘conservatives’ in office are trying to conserve. Since Y2K they’ve more than doubled the fiscal size of the federal government. The constitution has been sidestepped repeatedly by way of executive orders, national sovereignty undermined with new add-ons to NAFTA, the SPP…I could write pages. I think ‘McBush’ is a fair assessment of what is being offered there.

    And if it’s worth mentioning, we have a Libertarian candidate who’s voting record stands in antithesis to everything he now says and who of late is cow-towing both sides of the status quo – I’m not buying it.

    I’m not holding onto any hopes of a principled platform from any party at the national level.

    The same might hold true for the state but I think things fare much better for Wisconsin’s political future and our district in particular. Democrats are very unhappy with our representation here in District 20. That sentiment is being voiced on principle. I know – I’ve talked to thousands of them. I’m meeting a lot seniors being forced to take out reverse mortgages on their homes, people losing their jobs as companies move out of state, we are being nickel and dimed to death with new fees and higher taxes that we cannot afford. In spite of a looming economic downturn Madison keeps spending more and offloading it on debt that will have to be paid the next time around. Our roads are unfathomably (literally) decrepit. Our rep said ‘so what’ with her vote. Our rep has gone to great lengths to favor certain organizational interests at the dire expense of others (such as the Association of State Prosecutors). So in short I’m running on real issues – not partisan mambe pambe. I’m looking to bring empowerment back to the people and their wallets. That is a core Democratic principle that I’m certain everyone in District 20 can unite with me on.

    2. I’ll have to take issue with ‘worked very hard to skirt being affiliated with the group Clean Sweep Wisconsin’. I’ve stated quite clearly from the beginning that I welcome the support of any group that stands by the issues that concern the citizens of this district. Clean Sweep’s meager support does not connotate affiliation (interesting that rhetoric has toned down since the original attacks claiming I was ‘a member’ or ‘recruit’ of his PAC), but whatever the case I gladly welcome it, Clean Sweep’s platform is right on track with the sentiment I’m witnessing first hand in this district. These aren’t Republican vs. Democrat issues and there is plenty of evidence to support my claim. Votes regarding Clean Sweeps issues have gone both ways between the parties in Madison. In addition we have longstanding Democrat office holders in Madison who have signed the Norquist ‘no-tax’ pledge, a pledge I look forward to signing myself in the days ahead. If the controversy surrounds the man behind Clean Sweep – let’s take a look. The dude was outcast from his own party and lost their support. Why? Because he fought to remove the automatic gas tax increase – part of the Republican Party’s own little (or should I say big) special interest alliance with the Road Builders. Go figure.

    So in short Haas, I’m running on a unifying principle that says to Madison – we care about how our money is spent and we want valid and good account for it, we’re tired of the cronyism that takes place on both sides of the aisle, and we want to see Madison working on our behalf and not the other way around. You may not agree with me on all of the issues, but I think we can agree there is a lot of room for improvement in Madison and my platform gets to the core of the problems and trends that have held us back – thanks in part to the representation we’ve had here over the last ten years.

    I would love to have your support. And I’m open to any further questions you or your readers may have – just email me or give me call (414-412-8611).

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