1980s Japanese comic strip about Apple and The Two Steves

Sometimes I wish I spoke Japanese. It would make understanding this comic strip a little easier, although it’s possible to decode most of it with a little prior explanation courtesy of BoingBoing:

Back in 1984, Japanese manga artist Mitsuru Sugaya wrote a fun comic book for kids about the birth of Apple. It was originally published as a two-part series in a popular manga compilation called Koro Koro Comics in May and June that year, but Sugaya published the story in its entirety on his blog on July 11th—iPhone launch day in Japan. “The year before I wrote this, I went to Silicon Valley and stopped by Apple HQ,” he writes.The opening scene shows a young, spiky-haired Steve Wozniak getting slapped in the head with a frying pan by his mom for spending too much time tinkering with gadgets. It then chronicles the naughty gadget-y tricks that gained him infamy in Cupertino, the visit to Lockheed Martin that introduced him to computers for the first time, his fateful encounter with Steve Jobs, and how the two went on to create and market Apple I and II.

The comic lives on over at Sugaya’s blog. As an amateur historian, I wonder how much of it is accurate, or rather, truthful, though it seems generally correct based on what I remember. Some details like how much of present-day Silicon Valley was covered with orange groves aren’t in it. But those don’t seem relevant to the story being told here.

(What would a Microsoft comic look like?)


Author: Jason Haas

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