Physical beatings breaking out at Palin rallies?

Last night on David Letterman’s show, John McCain said he does not allow his supporters to call Obama a terrorist or any similarly slander him.

But yesterday we also heard about an Obama supporter getting a black eye from Palin supporters at a Palin rally.

And today at another rally, a reporter has been physically battered  while trying to conduct an interview at another rally.

McCain and Palin have gotten their supporters so worked up at rallies that their supporters will literally hit and kick Obama supporters and as non-partisan reporters.

This is totally unacceptable. Senator McCain, you must immediately tell your people to stop this behavior.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

28 thoughts on “Physical beatings breaking out at Palin rallies?”

  1. C’mon now. Are you saying that some McCain supporters will resort to anything? You mean, like the McCain Campaign worker who said she was mugged? Go to my blog and check out some footage of overzealous McCain supporters.

    btw…it is unacceptable behavior and it needs to stop.

  2. Obama supporters have no buisness at a McCain/Palin rally. And folks should of started kicking MSNBC ass a long time ago.

  3. both sides act stupid at times. what’s new? at least McCain isn’t trying to BUY himself into the white house (cough)

  4. Facism is what we fought against and died for in several world wars. I am trying to understand these morons above in this context. So jews should not have attended Hilter’s rallies? That would have saved them? We are finding out in this election who the true americans are.

  5. In Ohio the republicans are stealing Obama signs out of yards, and in Lima Ohio someone has been burning Obama signs in people’s yards. People need to grow up and get a life, these are political parties we are talking about. For God’s sake politicians who are mostly lawyers, sometimes I wonder how old some of these morons are.

  6. Republican HQ Manager’s Home Shot Up Over McCain Signs

    Hope, Change and Molotov Cocktails

    Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Volunteer in New York

    Yesterday we asked why the media was reporting a McCain supporter calling Barack Obama an “Arab” and completely ignoring Obama supporters calling Sarah Palin a c*nt, even wearing T-shirts with the phrase “Sarah Palin is a c*nt” on them.

  7. There are McCain/Palin idiots going to Obama ralleys also. As soon as they make arses of themselves, they pull off the McCain Garb, like they are embarrassed for what they said.

    I like Obama & Biden because they’re smarter than I am, not what I can say about Pagent Palin. How redneck has some of our population become??? “His name sound funny… he must be some Musleem or ferner or sumthin.”

  8. Sociologists have a saying: “The masses are asses.”

    For Chris: Don’t assume thinking someone is “smarter” than you makes them in any way better than you…that’s the heart of elitist thinking. It also doesn’t automatically make “smart” people great leaders.

    My 7th grade grandson was verbally attacked and called racist by other students when those students noticed our campaign yard sign. Where do you suppose they learned that behavior? We adults need to grow up.

  9. It’s amazing the vermin that will come out of the woodwork at election time.

    Keep in mind that this isn’t the first year Republicans have gone on yard sign theft runs. I’ve had multiple signs stolen out of my front yard.

    The anger from the right is palpable and anyone to the left of them is a target. Examples of victims of the right include JFK, MLK, RFK and yes, even Lincoln who was to the left back way back when the Republican party was the more liberal party.

  10. Both sides have their problems, but this should not shade the issues for the rest of us. The candidates are NOT responsible for other people’s actions. That is determined by a person’s own choice. People do not have the self control they used to and are not all stable. I have watched this happen in this country over the last 30 years. Each of us must take responsibility for our own actions and stop blaming people in power for them. Placing blame just makes a person a victim of themeselves, and does not show a strong united America. That is what we really need now. We have too many dangers facing us to fight amongst ourselves. That could lead to our undoing if we do not learn to control ourselves better. We should stand united for our owm safety and security before we become sitting ducks.

  11. above steve said: Obama supporters have no buisness at a McCain/Palin rally. And folks should of started kicking MSNBC ass a long time ago.

    Just another reason the McCain/Palin ticket has found their poll numbers dropping. If you can’t attend a rally of the Republican party for fear of physical violence or verbal abuse, why would you? And why would you vote for such a ticket?

  12. Joe Johnson: I am a muslim lover. A Jew lover. A Christian lover, A buddhist lover,,,,you get the point. I am a tolerant American. Too bad you are a bigot and ignoramus!

  13. Steve, if Obama supporters should not attend these rallies, how can McCain pursuade us? That is a really narrow minded view.

  14. The true kind of people the McCain campaign encourages and attracts. “Maverick” my ass! Try more like “Racist”, “Sidekick”, and all the other names that are against what this nation is all about. If that’s the kind of leadership and morality you are looking for, vote McSame!

    That’s not my America!

  15. Funny how offended Obama supporters are, they are feeling the pinch of an over confident empty suit.

    Please have Biden speak more, he is ruining Obama, and funny how large the Palin rallies have become, saw the Colorado one 10/20 and over 10,000 people attended.

    Light em’ up!

  16. Why is that all of the negative reporting is only done regarding the McCain campaign? There is plenty of negativity on the Obama side, yet the media chooses to ignore this….biased a little??? Lastly, why in the world would an Obama supporter be at a McCain/Palin rally for any other reason except for starting trouble!

  17. joe johnson’s & david’s comments are indicative of the terrible pass to which our country has come. first, why should campaign rallies be limited to only supporters of either candidate? i thought the point of attending a rally was not only to show support, but also to learn more about the candidate. and second, gen. powell put it best when he said, “our country’s promise is in its diversity and its strength in its unity”. why can’t y’all accept that we should be AMERICANS FIRST (hmm, kinda sounds like someone’s campaign slogan!? we may hold different beliefs about religion, but i believe it’s the CONSTITUTION itself which defines our right to worship as we please. give it up, y’all. no matter which man wins, our beloved country will be the ultimate loser if we can’t come together.

  18. Last night the palestra people reported that they have already proven 18 counts of voter fraud in Ohio (17 Obama people, 1 McCain). One of them, a LAW student said he did not understand what “resident” meant in the Ohio guidelines. It says you must live there for 30 days prior to the election and PLAN TO CONTINUE TO LIVE THERE afterwards. He and 17 others have withdrawn their votes but there are over 700 Obama campaign workers there that have registered to vote there and they do not plan to remain after the election. The McCain group has already complied with a request to verify which of their workers actually live in Ohio and will remain after the election but Obama’s have not. I’m thinking Ohio is going to just be a waste if they don’t go after these people committing voter fraud.

  19. If the vote suppression, which is a much bigger danger than alelged voter fraud, is strong enough in Ohio to make 700 votes matter significantly, we’ve got bigger things to worry about than a few stupid people trying to make fraudulent voters. See: Florida 2000, when the voting lists were not filled with fake voters, but scrubbed of legitimate voters.

  20. I think Florida had more problems than getting rid of legitimate voters in 2000. That is just the loudest whining point they put out there. They had faulty machines, faulty registrations, overall poor management. Vote suppression is pretty much a catch-all term used by primarily the democratic party when things don’t go their way. And yes, 700 fraudulent voters can matter when the election will be so close there. Remember, Hitler was elected by just one vote.

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