Wisconsin web site cost $2 MILLION dollars!

Dan Cody is an old school techie like me, having used USENET back in the days when a 2400 baud modem was literally the hottest thing since an overclocked 386 without a dedicated cooling system. Bad analogies aside, Dan took it upon himself to take the old story about how the new Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) web site that was developed for the Government Accountability Board (GAB). You may recall that the new web site carried a skyline image of Minneapolis rather than Madison, which many of us found amusing, but nothing much came of it after that.

While the site now does have a proper image on it, the cost of the web site is something that deserves more attention. You see, Dan did an open records request to find out just how much money the state had spent on this official state web site.

The cost was $2 million. Yes, two million dollars. Not that somehow less shocking $1M that the Journal Sentinel reported, but two million.

Is it any wonder we’re in a deficit when the state spends this much money on a web site of limited functionality and apparently unlimited budget demands?

Hats off to Dan for his great work on this. It’s one of the best blog stories I’ve ever seen, and it’s right over here.

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