Another old newspaper fades away

Farewell and R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News.

The Denver paper had been published since 1859 — that’s one hundred and fifty years, a very long time our short American history. Perhaps it’s analogous to the role of the Capital Times in Madison, which for decades had kept Madison as one of the remaining cities in America with two daily newspapers, until it too bowed to the inevitable forces and went primarily online, with a free tabloid printed just once a week. That’s better than folding complelely, which would have drasticaly muted the print-dialog.

Don’t know what’s going to happen to our collective or national dialog as the newspapers continue to fold. While I’m not a fan of some aspects of the print-capitalist model, it is a force that held power in check to a great extent during the past three centuries.

Also: Journal Communications stock has slid below $1.00. Sykes & Co. not coming to the rescue?


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.