Vote, darnit, vote!

Today’s the spring election in Wisconsin. There are three four several races I’ve got something to say about:

Zach Wisniewski for South Milwaukee School Board

Zach is a great guy. Given how he talks about the South Milwaukee School Board meetings convening and taking literally minutes to unanimously vote without real discussion or debate, it sounds like they could use a shot of new blood. And Zach is the man for the job. I’m looking at you, my three South Milwaukee readers!

Shirley Abrahamson for the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is on the ballot. That’s the race I have the most to say about. The last two state Supreme Court races have been bought and sold by the manufacturing lobbyist group. They’ve sat this one out for some reason, but that doesn’t mean you can not vote in this. Her opponent is a right-wing hack who would tip the balance on the state supreme court for the at least the next ten years if he gets in. So let’s see that he doesn’t, and vote for Shirley Abrahamson.

Tony Evers for state Superintendent of Schools

My pick in the state schools superintendent race is Tony Evers, who is currently the deputy state superintendent. The teachers that I know want him in. His opponent has a well-connected corporate lobbying effort backing her, but has no actual hands-on experience. That’s why my vote is going to Tony Evers.

J.D. Watts for Judge – Milwaukee County, Branch 15

J.D. has come to Drinking Liberally twice under his own volition. That’s enough for me. And he’s got experience being a judge, and a good legal mind. Give J.D. your vote.

Christopher Lipscomb for Judge – Milwaukee County, Branch 6

Like Mr. Watts, Mr. Lipscomb has abundant experience as a judge. And I bet Sup. Theo Lipscomb’s brother makes for a fine public servant.

Please vote, especially today, when we need every vote we can get to make sure this one comes out right. Look no further than Minnesota, where Al Franken is still waiting to be seated thanks to complexities with vote counting. Your vote does matter.

And the numbers are in…

1) I’m sorry to say that Zach will not be serving on the South Milwaukee School Board. That’s disappointing, but, the voters know who he is now, if not how to spell his name. Seriously, bravo for being a candidate. Also, fellow traveler Michael Mathias narrowly lost his bid for MPS school board. Another well run, honest race; sorry it turned out this way for you both. We need more people like you – both of you.

2) As Chadwick said in the comments, the two statewide races did turn out quite nicely. Congratulations to Mr. Evers and Chief Justice Abrahamson, and my personal thanks to the voters of Wisconsin. Most of you, anyway. 😉

3) Congratulations to J. D. Watts, for beating a man who ran a dishonest, low-brow campaign.

I wonder, if WMC & Co. were buying this supreme court race, would their ethnic-fear-tinged ads have tipped the race to Gabler? We can only wonder. But, the good guys (mostly) won.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

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  1. Being from outside Milwaukee, I can only speak for the two statewide races, but…

    WE WON!

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