Walker’s scare tactics fall $15.4M short


As we know, our not-beloved County Executive Scott Walker made a big hoopla about cutting county jobs to help cover what he said would be a $15 million shortfall in the county budget.

His numbers are coming up more suspect than a plate full of jumping beans. This story came out today on the Journal Sentinel web site:

Estimate for county’s shortfall is greatly lowered

By Steve Schultze of the Journal Sentinel

Jun. 15, 2009 1:28 p.m. | Milwaukee County’s budget shortfall this year would be only a small fraction of the $15 million figure County Executive Scott Walker has used to justify cutting employee pay, curtailing services and threatening hundreds of layoffs, according to a report released Monday.

The county faces a $650,000 shortfall for 2009, according to the report by County Auditor Jerome Heer and Stephen Cady, the County Board’s fiscal and budget analyst.


So Walker claimed a fifteen millions and four hundred thousand dollar shortfall.

The county auditor and budget analyst (better lay them off while you still can!) found that a six hundred and fifty thousand dollar shortfall existed.

(Pause for a moment to take those numbers in.)

Here those number in big letters:

Walker’s hypothetical shortfall:


Actual projected shortfall:




– $650,00.00

= $14,750,000.00

In other words, the County Executive has represented the possible budget shortfall as being over twenty-three times as large as it actually will be. 23.6923077 times as large, if you are into precise numbers, which it appears Mr. Walker is not.

This is ridiculous. I’m at a loss for words to say much more.

James Rowen and Capper will say more instead.

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I am a resident of the Bay View neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. That sometimes comes up on here, as it's kind of a small part of my life. No official county business happens here. I'm mostly using this now to give a rough draft account of how we're dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. God help us all.

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    1. “scare tactic on the uninsured”. I agree. It’s obvious to anyone who’s, like, totally not stupid that 45 million people have decided to go without health insurance as part of a mass conspiracy to create a politically calculated scare tactic in order to get health care reform passed. “The cancer screenings can wait – we have an omnibus bill that needs to get marked up in committee!” Hmmf. Evil uninsured folks.

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