“Prominent local journalist” had affair with police chief

[Formerly entitled “Is it just me, or is a big story about to break?”]

[Nov. 19: Dan Bice has another story which is drawing people here. I’m still perplexed as to why he identifies Ms. McBride as a “prominent” local journalist, or why he [the paper] allows linking to coverage on WTMJ-4 without bothering to point out the small fact that Journal Communications owns both the paper, the web site, WTMJ-4, and its AM radio counterpart on which Ms. McBride once had her own right-wing talk show. Sure, there’s a story here. But there’s a bigger one about the immensie media consolidation in Milwaukee and the nation. It is an issue, and a problem.]

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn admits to having an affair with Jessica McBride. (Or should I fully quote “prominent local journalist Jessica McBride” for the full comedic effect?) Video on TMJ-TV.

(TMJ is owned by Journal Communications, which also owns the conservative daily paper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. McBride once wrote for that paper, and had a right-wing talk show on WTMJ. To be clear, the story that was going to break in today’s paper instead “broke” on air last night… but either way, Journal Communications profited off the folly of their right-wing hack. Ain’t local monopolies great?)

This quote on WALLAH! is stunningly clear now:

“If Jessica McBride says she wants to interview your husband for a feature story, don’t leave the room.”

Let’s hear it for journalistic integrity!

Ms. McBride
Ms. McBride

For this blog’s full coverage of Ms. McBride, please see my one and only previous post on the matter.

Also: Brew City Brawler has a very lengthy post on this.

Also 2: Illusory Tenant thoughtfully pointed out that McBride teaches journalistic ethics at UWM, yet she and the chief committed a Class I felony. We have to wonder if her once-mighty D.A. husband will press charges.

Also 3: Somehow I wasn’t aware that McBride wrote a glowing intimate profile of Chief Flynn for the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine. The comments at the end are especially choice. And the timing of the affair and the writing of the article are too close to be kosher. Flynn informed Mayor Barrett of his “indiscretion” on June 3rd; McBride’s article “The Cop Who Can’t Stop” is dated April 20, but it’s not at all clear when what all went down. So to speak.

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