Save the Hoan Bridge… or Party on the Hoan?

Word came today via Milwaukee County First that a group of local politicians have formed a coalition to save the Hoan Bridge. I’m interested in this, not just because it’s named in honor of our great Socialist Mayor Daniel Hoan, but because it’s a vital line of commerce and activity. I may have issues with the amount of space it takes up in Bay View, but boy, without it, we’d be cut off from the north side save for city streets and I-43. The bridge certainly needs redecking in the near future. But to remove it as the DOT has thought about doing (without consulting us)  would be disastrous.

H. Nelson Goodson over at Hispanic News Network has another idea: party on the Hoan! That’s an idea that may bear investigating.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

9 thoughts on “Save the Hoan Bridge… or Party on the Hoan?”

  1. Jason, Apparently there is some confusion. The DOT would replace the Hoan just with a lower bridge. It might remove some freeway ramps as well, but the connection from downtown to the south side would remain.

    1. That much I understand. But I wonder, is it possible to do this without drastically disrupting traffic and commerce? You can’t just build a new bridge in a day and have it be very good. Moreover, the DOT’s opacity is a cause for concern.

  2. Regardless if they build a new bridge or repair the existing bridge it will interrupt traffic. That said I don’t remember any big problems when the Hoan was closed before.

  3. If you don’t remember any issues when the Hoan was closed before, then you didn’t drive from downtown to Bayview.– It would take upwards of 1 hour with all of the traffic when it snowed. Went it didn’t snow, it still took 30 minutes….

    1. I don’t remember saying anything about that. Either way, the Hoan Bridge has been open the whole time I’ve lived here. And when I bike or take the bus, I don’t use the Hoan, so it’s moot then. But when I need to drive to UWM, it’s really nice to have.

    1. Dave, no offense, but at any time did I ever say anywhere that there would _not_ be any connection between the southside and downtown/east side? No. I expressed concern about the disruption of the flow of traffic. There’s a huge difference, my friend. It’s not abstract to me, as I take the Hoan at least twice a week. I want to see it done right.

  4. “but boy, without it, we’d be cut off from the north side save for city streets and I-43. ” I suppose the new bridge would be a city street.

    But, regardless if they replace the bridge or re-deck the bridge traffic will be disrupted during the construction.

    1. So I did. Fine. I’m actually thinking of the part of 794 that goes straight through Bay View, not the Hoan, There’s also a train track that goes parallel to 794, and if that ever got put into use as people transit, I’d have much less objection to its presence.

      Now stop readin’ my blog so close. An’ git of mah lawn! ;->

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