From the Must-be-doing-something-right Dept.

While one may think that I’d be making a lot more blog posts, what with my graduation from college and my schedule having (momentarily) “opened like to petals of the lotus flower — though not nearly as ‘groovy‘ as that sounds.” Instead, this blog has been kind of inactive for a while. With good reason. Reasons, actually: graduating from college a little later in life than most graduates do, settling into a happy married life, and looking for a job.

Most of the hits that this blog has gotten recently have been things that seem genuinely abstruse to me: the terms “beard” and “mariqueen reznor” have gotten the most, for my posts on each of the two subjects. (“windmill beard” currently follows a close third, but that goes to the same post.) And it seems a bot was generating a huge number of hits here to the home page, where I assure you nothing really interesting awaits. (Kay argues otherwise, saying this blog is “well written and thoughtful” and one of her “must reads. Well, thank you!)

So, what’s happened in my absence from the Cheddarsphere?

For me, it’s been much of what I discussed above. I periodically explain to people that I need to take a “long-term perspective” with finding a use for my history degree, which means that it will take at least five to ten, if not twenty years, before we can start to assess how my job hunt has gone, much less pass judgment on it. When relayed in person, this is understood as a wry joke; I fear it loses something in the digitalization of cyberspace, which strips the personal touch of spoken delivery that show I’m making a joke. Hopefully my five readers are smart enough to catch that. Given that you’re here, reading this, I’d say that’s the case.

Locally, we’re starting to get geared up for the 2010 Victory Garden InitiativeBlitz,” which will bring raised bed gardening to dozens of area homes, churches, schools, and businesses. And just up the street from me, Sweet Water Organics has auctioned off its first fish, and plans to begin selling them en mass next month, February 2010. Their operation has expanded past what you can see in the pictures in this article from the Bay View Compass. They’ve started building a greenhouse structure over the fish/veg-growing runways, and plan to open another three runways each holding some 10,000 fish. Friday fish fries that feature trout may soon return to Milwaukee!

Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.