President Obama knows his history

And the health care industry reforms he proposed, is most certainly not “a Bolshevik plot.”

The president described it as being “pretty similar to what Howard Baker, Bob Dale, and Tom Daschle proposed at the beginning of this debate last year,” whom he said were “not a radical bunch.” Not anything like “socialism,” of which he was accused. In fact, there is a talk happening over in Madison called “The Left & Obama,” in which I hope my dear comrades will be gently told that at no time did the man we elected president promise single payer health care. It’s right to ask why he’s clinging to many Bush policies. Yet he’s also helping bring long-overdue passenger rail (absent sixty years!) to Wisconsin and the Midwest. This news came just as many respected business leaders came together to say that effective transit is vital to the region’s long-term economic success.

While the Bolsheviks are a thing of the past, nuclear weapons are still very much with us. That legacy of the Cold War still drains billions of dollars each year. (The Iraq wars are also relics of the Cold War that drain billions of dollars per month, but that’s another story.) President Obama and Russian President Medvedev are very close to signing a new nuclear weapons reduction treaty. We would still have many hundreds of nukes on hand, but the closer we get that number to nil, the better.

The president has shown few, if any traits of socialist inklings. He’s a fairly moderate guy. But this second year of his administration is off to a very good start.


Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

12 thoughts on “President Obama knows his history”

      1. Social Democratic Workers=Bolshevik
        Social Democratic Workers Party that seized power=Bolshevik

        Members of a Marxist party – Now the Democrat Party.

        Repubs are now socialists, ty, I dont want any of it, same outcome- Death in the end.

        It is all about social this, and social that, nothing about America and her Constitution, and NOBODY seems anxious to save it in either party.

        Bol’she, “bigger, more,”

        Obama want govt to be bigger. “Bolshe”

        hevik has been used as a general term for a radical leftist.

        We need Centrist, liberal leftism does not work in terrible economic times, it has been proven over and over by the fall of many empires, we are not exempt.

      2. We agree that <<vi pa-russki, bolshoyee = “big.”>>

        The Bolsheviks were a splinter of the Russian SDW Party that split off under the leadership of Lenin. Their name came from their position as the “bigger” party, while the Mensheviks (<>) were the smaller, weaker splinter. They hypothetically wanted the land to be distributed among the people (serfs) of Russia, and wanted “the people,” or really, the Party, to control all industry. They also thought the only way to achieve this was through violent revolution that would overthrow and destroy the existing imperial state.

        This occurred after decades of unrest among the serfs, agitating by social revolutionaries, and untold hours spent by revolutionaries in exile or in jail.

        The Bolshevik revolution was the second revolution of 1917. The first was in February (March), when Tsar Nicholas II stepped aside, his empire dissolved, and the Provisional Government was created. It happened due to Russian peoples’ reaction to Russia’s effective defeat in World War I and the Tsar’s inability to get out of it. The Bolsheviks did not take power at this time. Lenin was not even in Russia at the time, but was returned to Russia by the German Imperial Government in March (April) 1917. He then set about undermining the Provisional Government and whipping up the Bolsheviks.

        Bolsheviks are committed to bringing about communism after a period of socialism. If the Republicans want socialism, why don’t they vote for a single-payer healthcare plan?

  1. If the Republicans want socialism, why don’t they vote for a single-payer healthcare plan?

    ———–The Protests have stopped the Rs from voting for it all together.
    What people do not understand about this terrible bill, is that once the govt has your health, they have YOU. Sorry, They did it with the seatbelts, helmets, on and on etc..

    Bolshevism, Marxism, Nazism are ‘ideologies’ that didnt die, evil does not die until God has the last say. IT is here, and very much alive, in Obamas admin, and also was in Bushs.

    1. You agree then that Bush was also a bolshevik (meaning one who makes the government bigger) by merging the many government security agencies and surveillance agencies into one huge department, yes?

      1. Yes, Jason, I do. He expanded to the max, which is why moderates really thought he was fascistic. The Patriot Act I was 100% against. I feel that it would eventually/ (and it did) dabble into the lives of Americans and not the terrorists.
        I regret that the last 4 presidents have headed more and more toward the ploteriat, and they all make me fear them, when it is supposed to be the vc/versa.

      2. And thus we largely agree. My fear is less; where I think it comes from seems of lesser importance. It is curious that Obama has largely adhered to many Bush II policies, e.g. PATRIOT Act (which we both revile), some defense/intel. It’s not every Bush policy, but it’s enough to be concerned.

        I appreciate our discussion. Thank you!

      3. Certainly, God speed -and may you seek what is right as I try to do, although I am mere human.
        Shalom and God Bless.

      4. You might be curious to hear that my wife (who’s Jewish) and I (goy) are going to a Black-Jewish sader this weekend. It’s an annual event that’s held on Milwaukee’s north side — the “poor,” “troubled” part of town.

        Shalom, moya drooga.

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