Why is Ron Johnson outsourcing our wolf management to Wyoming?

Ron Johnson, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, thinks Wisconsin’s hard-working wolf management staff should be kept at work in Wyoming, because as governor of Wyoming, that’s what he’ll do.

For a brief time, that’s what his web site said. I kid you not. Here’s a screenshot taken before they found out Johnson was trying to freelance in Wyoming. I’ve circled the words “Wyoming” and “governor.”

Ron Johnson for... Governor of Wyoming?

Turns out that very same copy appears on the web site for Colin Simpson, Republican candidate for governor of Wyoming. Here’s his site, with the very same copy:

Simpson for Governor web site screen shot

Same copy on both web sites—though Johnson’s no longer sports a tourism page.

Makes you wonder, where are Ron Johnson’s web people? Looks like they’re not in Oshkosh, or Wisconsin.

Update: Johnson’s crack web team is not in Oshkosh, or even Wisconsin. No sirree, they’re in New York City, baybee! According to Journal Sentinel, Johnson outsourced wolf management web design to Harris Media. A quick Google search turns up one Harris Media based in Austin, Texas. Unless they’re in Virginia, which is the area code that corresponds to the cell phone number listed on their web site. Either way, Johnson did not use a Wisconsin firm.

Update 2: The esteemed Barry Orton provides more insight on Paul Soglin’s blog; Blogging Blue and Illy-T have some, too.

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