Gov. Pat Lucey endorses Henry Sanders for Lt. Governor

While I’m still split between Henry Sanders and Tom Nelson for Lt. Gov, this is pretty cool. Congratulations, Henry!

From the announcement:

Governor Pat Lucey Endorses Sanders for Lieutenant Governor

Former Governor, US Ambassador cites bold leadership in tough times

MIDDLETON – Former Governor Pat Lucey today announced his endorsement of Henry Sanders for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor. Lucey joins Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, and hundreds of other County Board Supervisors, City Council Members, District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and local elected leaders supporting Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

“As governor, I tackled many of the same economic challenges we’re facing now in Wisconsin, so I know a thing or two about what the next administration is up against,” said Lucey. “Tough times require strong, bold leaders – leaders who will make tough decisions based on what’s right, not just politics as usual. I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of leaders like that, and I know one when I see one. Those are the leadership qualities I see in Henry Sanders.”

Lucey served two terms as Wisconsin Governor prior to his appointment as US Ambassador to Mexico by President Jimmy Carter. He is credited with the successful merger of the Wisconsin State Universities into the University of Wisconsin System, along with historic investments in K-12 education and conservation programs. Lucey’s economic vision helped Wisconsin cement its status as a national leader in manufacturing jobs.

“Governor Lucey’s approach to job creation and economic development was nothing short of visionary, and I’m honored to have his support,” said Sanders. “His insight and advice has been invaluable as we move forward with our plans to get Wisconsin families back to work.”
Nonprofit executive, community activist, and small business owner Henry Sanders, Jr. lives with his wife and daughter in Waunakee, WI. Sanders is the founder of Madison Area Growth Network and Propel Wisconsin Innovation – nonprofit organizations dedicated to job growth – and Capacity-360, a small business that connects other small to mid-sized businesses with capital and other resources. Democratic Party leaders and grassroots activists favored Sanders by a 2-to-1 margin in the Democratic Convention poll. His 18-point plan for job creation in Wisconsin, “Progressive Recovery”, can be viewed online at

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3 thoughts on “Gov. Pat Lucey endorses Henry Sanders for Lt. Governor

  1. If you come to or make an effort to reach out as those two did, that ounce for s lot in my book. Sanders has come to Drinking Liberally. I like what he talks about. Nelson tried to come to DL from Superior, Wisc. but hit a deer, making his attendance impossible. I also like some of what he has to say. I will have to read more about all the candidates before making a decision.

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