2010 Endorsements

High time i got to this. Let’s make it brief, except when it’s not:

U.S. Senate: Russ Feingold

As I said previously, in this day and age when so many are hollering about “defending the constitution,” it’s a travesty that people think the one Senator who has stood up for the U.S. Constitution and our liberty and personal freedom as U.S. citizens time and time again has another thing coming.

Russ Feingold is my senator, and I am proud to be voting for him.

Wisconsin Governor: Tom Barrett

I think Tom has done a good job as mayor of Milwaukee, and I think he’d be far better as governor than Milwaukee County Exec. Scott Walker. While Walker has dedicated himself to starving the county government to death, Barrett has directly dealt with the city’s financial issues. Rather than using illusory tactics and budgetary shenanigans, which are Scott Walker’s modus operandi, Barrett has faced the music and made cuts when necessary, but still preserved vital services. More importantly, Tom Barrett has helped Milwaukee grow economically. He’s responsible for us getting new manufacturing jobs, reversing the deindustrialization trend of the past forty years. He has helped to bring development to previously barren parts of the city, be it Park East or the 30th Street industrial corridor. Scott Walker has purposely left the county’s economic development office without a director, stifling economic development at a time when it’s direly needed. But at the same time he’s given huge pay raises to his cronies, he’s forced furlough days on county employees—not once, but twice. People are screaming about budget deficits, but giving this behavior support? Come on! People need to come to grips with the fact that Walker will stifle and corrupt the state government just as badly or worse than he has the Milwaukee County government.

Wisconsin Attorney General: Scott Hassett

Scott Hassett is my pick. Though he will be our special guest host at next week’s Drinking Liberally, again that’s not the only reason I’m picking him. While Republican J.B. Van Hollen has not been a complete disaster, he’s made enough moves that I disagree with to want him out. Scott is a good choice for this office.

Wisconsin Treasurer: Dan Bohrod

Okay, Dan came to Drinking Liberally, which means a lot to me. But it’s not the only reason I’m voting for him. He’s got a good sense of how to run the office, and will do a fine job as Treasurer.

State Senate, 7th District: Chris Larson

Once again, I am endorsing the man who was once my electoral opponent. Chris Larson has proven himself as an effective leader who is capable of bringing together coalitions of people who may not normally sit together. With his leadership, we passed the transit and parks referendum. Larson is a co-founder of the Coalition to Save the Hoan Bridge, was successful in persuading the state to begin repaving the bridge starting next month. And as state senator, Chris will work to fix the state school funding formula that sends $57 million in taxes to schools in other parts of the state.

His opponent, the incumbent state senator Jeff Plale, has long been a friend of the moneyed interests. He’s passed a law that made it possible for AT&T to raise its rates. He’s made it possible to bring more dirty, polluting coal-fired power plants to the state. And he single-handedly killed the legislation that would have put Wisconsin on the path to producing clean, renewable energy. While I can personally appreciate his work on toughening drunk driving laws, having nearly been killed by one myself, I do not at all like how he’s beholden to corporate powers. Nor do I appreciate the fact that my friends have gone to his office in Madison, where they personally lobbied him to vote for the Clean Energy Jobs Act, heard his assurances that he would vote for it, only to have him kill it. A democratic representative should listen to his constituents, not his corporate contributors. Yes, it’s hard to ignore the ones who give you tens of thousands of dollars, or give your staffers cushy lobbying jobs. But that’s the way it’s got to be. I know that Chris Larson will continue to be approachable, honest, and will strive to help us in the state legislature.

Assembly District 20: Christine Sinicki

Rep. Sinicki has been doing a very good job as our assembly rep, having passed laws creating more accountability for voucher schools. She’s voted in a smart way on other bills such as phosphorus in cleaning products (a big cause of algae in our lakes), budgets, and so on. Chris will continue to do a very fine job in Madison.

Milwaukee County Sheriff: Chris Moews

The sordid tale of David Clarke begins with his appointment by a Republican governor, his curious plan to run as a Democrat, and his subsequent politicization and degrading of the sheriff’s department. Four years ago, I supported Republican Don Holt in his bid — the first time I’ve voted for a Republican in my life. This time around, Chris Moews is the one trying to beat Clarke in the primary, and he gets my vote hands-down.

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