Ron Johnson’s money bomb, so successful that it disappeared?

“Donate to Ron Johnson’s money bomb TODAY and watch the scales tip back to the people!” declares Real Debate Wisconsin. I find that statement rather ironic, not just that it comes from that site, but that there’s the impression that electing Johnson in lieu of Senator Feingold will in any way return the seat to “the people.”

To review, Ron Johnson is hardly a man of the people. He’s not a self-made man, unless you call marrying into money a way to remake yourself in such a way.

Moreover, because he married into money, he could use the power and influence that gave him to see that the company he was handed repeatedly received government assistance. It’s that sort of assistance that now Johnson condemns that he’s a Republican candidate in the tea party era. (Isn’t that one thing the government exists to help with? Just sayin’…)

Now, someone in the hubristic wing of the Cheddarsphere, a.k.a. the “Wisconsin Political Bloggers Mafia,” has called for a money bomb for Johnson.

Thing is, he doesn’t need it. The man’s got his own money; why don’t you let him spend it as we damn well pleases?

Look at how the size of the checks Johnson has written to his own campaign:

just over $5 million:

  • 5/1/2010: $200,000
  • 6/9/2010: $1,274,184
  • 7/19/2010: $925,000
  • 8/10/2010: $500,000
  • 8/19/2010: $1,500,000
  • 9/8/2010: $865,00020000

That is over five million dollars—$5,264,184, according to FEC reports.

All from his own bank account.

And this man would be a representative of  “the people”?

But back to my original point. If the money bomb was so successful, why is it that the only traces of it that we can now find are in Google search results? Why has the graphic showing the live total disappeared?


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  1. It is designed to be a short term thing… That’s why I had it up for two days, then took it down…

    If you had a question, you could have asked. Nothing sinister here no matter how hard you want to pretend there is.

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