As reported this morning, I can now begin gathering signatures to get on the spring 2011 ballot!

I have spent much of the past month and a half knocking on doors on the south side, meeting voters, and talking about my platform—Clean Parks, Better Transit, and Community Safety.

I have until January 11 to collect signatures. If necessary, a primary election will be held February 15, which is the same day as the regular primary. Former Supervisor Chris Larson did us a favor by resigning the county seat when he did, as the date of the special election will be the same as the usual spring election. This saves the taxpayers the $52,000 cost of having a free-standing special election.

I thank Chris Larson for his work on the County Board for the past three years, and wish him much success in the state Senate.

And now, the game is afoot. Let’s go!

Author: Jason Haas

Jason is an elected member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, occasionally moonlights as an amateur gardener, and is a proud father of two, or three, depending on how you do the math.

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    1. 200 minimum, 400 max. We passed the 200 mark this weekend, and we’ll get as many as we can before when they’re due, which is Tuesday the 11th.

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