Drinking Liberally – Milwaukee heads to a new home in March 2011

From Milwaukee DL‘s amicable host, Zach W.:

[…] I’m pleased to announce that Milwaukee’s Drinking Liberally will be back in March with a new location, not to mention a new meeting day. While Sugar Maple has been a great home for Drinking Liberally over the past few years, it was time for a change, and so I’m pleased to announce we’ll be moving Drinking Liberally to the Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe. In addition, we’ve moved the meeting day from the third Wednesday of the month to the third Monday of the month. I’ll be sending out another email in March to remind you all of the new location and date, but here’s the information so you can mark your calendars now.

Date: March 21, 2011
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe
101 W. Mitchell Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

I’d like to encourage as many of you as possible to attend, so that we can show our new host location some love!

It will be quiet enough to have a conversation with the person sitting next to you, or to have a speaker in the room. And the food will be great!

Published by Jason Haas

I am a resident of the Bay View neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. That sometimes comes up on here, as it's kind of a small part of my life. No official county business happens here. I'm mostly using this now to give a rough draft account of how we're dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. God help us all.

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