Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park

One of the most satisfying elements of my job as a county supervisor has been working with my neighbors to create Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park. This wonderful biannual event fills a tiny triangular park with hundreds of people who buy freshly prepared food from over a dozen food trucks along the park perimeter. Food TruckContinue reading “Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park”

Two stories in the Compass about gardens in Bay View

The current issue of the fine local newspaper The Bay View Compass (which I write for) has two three stories about gardening in Bay View. The feature is about the rooftop garden at Future Green, which features a solar-powered automatic watering system. They also used some of my photos from the May 23 garden installationContinue reading “Two stories in the Compass about gardens in Bay View”

Bay View Plant Sale is this coming Saturday May 30

The upcoming Bay View Garden And Yard Society‘s annual Plant Sale is a great event at which you can buy quality plants for your home, garden, or urban farm. While there’s a particular interest in food crops this year, the plant sale will have everything from tropical plants to indoor plants and all varieties inContinue reading “Bay View Plant Sale is this coming Saturday May 30”

St. Francis meeting on Cardinal Stritch: So crowded, it’s cancelled!

The headlines blared: “Public hearing on rezoning of We Energies and Cousins Center parcels at 7pm in city of St. Francis City Hall, 4235 S. Nicholson Ave.” A public hearing! Who could stay away? Would affected City of Milwaukee residents be able to testify? What would happen when St. Francis was asked exactly what was beingContinue reading “St. Francis meeting on Cardinal Stritch: So crowded, it’s cancelled!”

35 days till Obama’s inaugural; just one until the next Drinking Liberally!

Though the temperature outside right now truly is frightful, as is the economy, we’ve still got reason to be grateful. And, dare I say, hopeful. It is just over a month until Barack Obama will be inaugurated — and our “End of an Error!” party to give the outgoing <<presidente>> a proper shoe-throwing goodbye! (TheContinue reading “35 days till Obama’s inaugural; just one until the next Drinking Liberally!”

Fantastic Drinking Liberally debate-watching party!

I’m almost lacking in words to describe how astonishingly well tonight’s debate-watching party went. It just went that well. (And I’m kind of tired now.) Tonight being the third Wednesday of the month means it was time for Drinking Liberally. As it perfectly coincided with the third presidential debate, we knew we had to makeContinue reading “Fantastic Drinking Liberally debate-watching party!”

Aphid Assault III

Today came my third attack on the aphids at Village Roots Garden. The little buggers are, if nothing else, persistent. My soapy assault was somewhat restrained this time, as there were a few ladybugs on the plants. That’s significant, because while ladybugs do eat aphids, they also succumb to soapy water. I hope none ofContinue reading “Aphid Assault III”