Victory gardens springing up in Milwaukee, around the country

Most folks have heard of victory gardens in the context of the First of Second World War. But ever-rising food prices and legitimate concerns about the safety of commercial food has spurred many people in this country and around the world to start victory gardens anew. Up in Shorewood, Wisc., the Victory Garden Initiative isContinue reading “Victory gardens springing up in Milwaukee, around the country”

Former Pabst brewery site poised to become a great neighborhood

According to, the many-acre site that was once home to one of Milwaukee’s biggest breweries is now becoming a veritable neighborhood. There’s a lot of adjectival phrases that are easy to circumscribe this site with, most of which include the word “abandoned.” For that’s what the former Pabst Brewery site once was. When theContinue reading “Former Pabst brewery site poised to become a great neighborhood”

People attend Drinking Liberally — and live to tell about it

Heck, Capper ever said he enjoyed the last one. Though I must have really drunk liberally that night, as I don’t remember anything at all about me appearing as a giant elf. (Or if it wasn’t me, then maybe Capper did…) Normally, is on the third Wednesday of the month. However, this January, we willContinue reading “People attend Drinking Liberally — and live to tell about it”

Plans for a new Church’s Chicken on North Ave. scuttled

As discussed on this blog in late July, the Journal Sentinel’s resident grump Patrick McIlheran went on about how a local community activist had the gall to stand up and object to yet another fast food restaurant being planned for the center of the poorest part of Milwaukee’s African-American neighborhood. As it turns out, plansContinue reading “Plans for a new Church’s Chicken on North Ave. scuttled”

Liberal + conservative = Progressive? Join in the debate!

A blog post over on TPM has me thinking about what it means to have liberal thoughts and (fiscally) conservative thoughts co-existing in the same mind. It is possible! I wrote a quick rant/diatribe incorporating Milwaukee’s great Socialist mayors in reply, and bring it to you here: Knowing that this may be easily taken inContinue reading “Liberal + conservative = Progressive? Join in the debate!”

Sad news: Atomic Records will close in February

Nowadays, not many people go to record stores. The success of online music stores, and the widespread availability of music through ostenisibly illegal acquistion, has a lot to do with this. And, things change. I try to make a point of it to support locally owned brick-and-mortar shops, but sometimes, it’s just hard to doContinue reading “Sad news: Atomic Records will close in February”

Victory Custard!

The electricity of the big election night will have passed, but the “victory custard” will be fresh when Eating Liberally gathers at Bella’s Fat Cat tonight, Wednesday 5, 2008. The monthly event brings fans of democracy and good food together for an evening out at a Milwaukee eatery. Regardless of who you hoped would winContinue reading “Victory Custard!”

Milwaukee Eating Liberally eats this week — Wed. Oct. 1 ’08 @ Beans & Barley

Eating Liberally, which one astute blogger (ignore the first two smarmy comments) described as Drinking Liberally’s solid cousin, meets on the first Wednesday of the month. Tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 1, we will be eating at Beans and Barley, 1901 E. North Avenue, at 6 PM. Join us! Moderates, conservatives, and in-between are quite welcome asContinue reading “Milwaukee Eating Liberally eats this week — Wed. Oct. 1 ’08 @ Beans & Barley”

Sarah Palin doesn’t like community organizers — at least not the liberal kind

So John McCain’s veep pick Sarah Palin apparently doesn’t like community organizers. Unfortunately, that alienates many coveted independent voters such as myself, men and women who works as community organizers. While she should be thanking community organizers — are evangelical Christians not community organizers? — Palin’s attack has only given Barack Obama more support. MyContinue reading “Sarah Palin doesn’t like community organizers — at least not the liberal kind”