Support my Pi Day Fundraiser at Hawthorne Coffee Roasters!

Please join me on the fourteenth day of March 14 — Pi Day! — for a fun fundraiser at Hawthorne Coffee Roasters, 4177 S. Howell Avenue, Milwaukee. In addition to supporting my campaign for re-election, we will be celebrating π, that wonderful number at the heart of every circle. Plus, there will be pie, delicious homemade pies from many of our friends and supporters.Continue reading “Support my Pi Day Fundraiser at Hawthorne Coffee Roasters!”

2016 Milwaukee County Parks Traveling Beer Gardens Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Milwaukee County Parks Traveling Beer Gardens! Here it is in PDF format. Holler Park is in the 14th district, which I represent. The permanent Humboldt Park Beer Garden and South Shore Park Terrace, and Estabrook Park Beer Garden, will all be reopening, dates TBD.

County Board to hold public hearing on Mitchell Park Domes [updated]

The (mostly?) temporary  closure of the Mitchell Park Domes due to safety concerns is old news by now. This is a direct result of the deferred maintenance that has plagued the Milwaukee County Parks System for far too many years now — and I argue deferred maintenance is a direct cause of the tragedy at O’Donnell ParkContinue reading “County Board to hold public hearing on Mitchell Park Domes [updated]”

Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park

One of the most satisfying elements of my job as a county supervisor has been working with my neighbors to create Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park. This wonderful biannual event fills a tiny triangular park with hundreds of people who buy freshly prepared food from over a dozen food trucks along the park perimeter. Food TruckContinue reading “Food Truck Friday at Morgan Park”

Victory Garden Initiative comes to Bay View on Saturday May 23

The Victory Garden Blitz is coming! It will be happening all throughout the county, in Shorewood, Riverwest, Tosa, and the northwest and west sides of Milwaukee, as well as our little south side enclave. So what is it? On Memorial Weekend, the Victory Garden Initiative and its many partners will be installing “victory gardens” throughoutContinue reading “Victory Garden Initiative comes to Bay View on Saturday May 23”

Getting ready for the Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz of 2009

My home garden bed is coming right along in preparation for the Blitz that will be happening next week Saturday. Using some tools loaned by very generous neighbors, I’ve gotten the dandelion population largely under control, at least in the garden bed. And today, I reunited with an old compatriat to haul a very largeContinue reading “Getting ready for the Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz of 2009”

We can has KRM? Fer real?!

A LOL Cats-style headline seems quite appropriate, as my brain is still trying to wrap around some incredibly good news this morning. KRM, a county RTA, and the 1% sales tax have passed the Joint Finance Committee. If it goes through, we’ll have dedicated property tax relief and funding for the parks, transit, and EMS.Continue reading “We can has KRM? Fer real?!”