Two stories in the Compass about gardens in Bay View

The current issue of the fine local newspaper The Bay View Compass (which I write for) has two three stories about gardening in Bay View. The feature is about the rooftop garden at Future Green, which features a solar-powered automatic watering system. They also used some of my photos from the May 23 garden installationContinue reading “Two stories in the Compass about gardens in Bay View”

Bay View Plant Sale is this coming Saturday May 30

The upcoming Bay View Garden And Yard Society‘s annual Plant Sale is a great event at which you can buy quality plants for your home, garden, or urban farm. While there’s a particular interest in food crops this year, the plant sale will have everything from tropical plants to indoor plants and all varieties inContinue reading “Bay View Plant Sale is this coming Saturday May 30”

We have raised beds!

Thanks to the great work of many volunteers brought together by the Victory Garden Initiative, we now have five 8×4 foot raised planting beds in our back yard! Here’s a quick photo tour. 1) “Before” — the garden area was covered with weeds before work began today. Not pictured: the ten square yards of dirtContinue reading “We have raised beds!”

Getting ready for the Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz of 2009

My home garden bed is coming right along in preparation for the Blitz that will be happening next week Saturday. Using some tools loaned by very generous neighbors, I’ve gotten the dandelion population largely under control, at least in the garden bed. And today, I reunited with an old compatriat to haul a very largeContinue reading “Getting ready for the Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz of 2009”

Food preservation classes at Urban Ecology Center

It turns out that food preservation classes will be taught at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee’s East Side and at St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa. Both sets of classes are sponsored by the church, the Urban Ecology Center, Braise on the Go Culinary School, Friends of Real Food, and Slow Food WisconsinContinue reading “Food preservation classes at Urban Ecology Center”

Milwaukee named “a water technology hub” by the U.N.

Terrific news! Quoting JSOnline: “The United Nations on Tuesday will designate Milwaukee as a U.N. Global Compact City, making it one of 13 such cities worldwide, in a move that will help the region promote its image abroad as an international hub of water technology. “The 5-year-old U.N. program obligates member cities to showcase progressContinue reading “Milwaukee named “a water technology hub” by the U.N.”