Aphid Assault III

Today came my third attack on the aphids at Village Roots Garden. The little buggers are, if nothing else, persistent. My soapy assault was somewhat restrained this time, as there were a few ladybugs on the plants. That’s significant, because while ladybugs do eat aphids, they also succumb to soapy water. I hope none ofContinue reading “Aphid Assault III”

When Aphids Attack

“The flowers have withered and are unrecognizable. They look crispy and dead.” This is what happens when aphids attack your plants. Within a matter of hours, even days, only a shriveled remain is left of your plants. With word that aphids had infested a community garden plant, I sprang into action. By the next day,Continue reading “When Aphids Attack”

Kids night at Tuesday’s August 5 Chill on the Hill

This coming Tuesday, the free Chill on the Hill concert in Milwaukee’s Humboldt Park will be having Kids and Family Night, featuring The Chickadees and The Figureheads, and is sponsored by Dover Street School. My daughter has enjoyed every Chill on the Hill concert that we’ve been to, and we hope tomorrow’s will be especiallyContinue reading “Kids night at Tuesday’s August 5 Chill on the Hill”

Reps. Colón, Sinicki, and Staskunas named Conservation Champions

These three state assembly reps were awarded the highest environmental conservation honors by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Nine other reps and eighteen state senators were also awarded with the honor. Assuming they represent you, this honor should help settle any lingering questions about which incumbent representatives should get your vote in September. TheContinue reading “Reps. Colón, Sinicki, and Staskunas named Conservation Champions”

Community gardens and fast food restaurants

The Journal Sentinel’s resident grump Patrick McIlheran apparently thinks community gardeners are seeking to tell people what they can and cannot eat. His argument seems to boil down to this: “We shouldn’t accept it when our neighbors try deciding what choices we shouldn’t be permitted. If you don’t like fried chicken, don’t eat it. IfContinue reading “Community gardens and fast food restaurants”

And while you’re in Bay View, check out the KK Triangle garden

We have a lot to be proud of here in Bay View. More than just a cozy neighborhood on Milwaukee’s south side, we have a lot of citizens and neighbors who are actively involved with the care and upkeep of our community. To me, our strong and involved community is what makes Bay View soContinue reading “And while you’re in Bay View, check out the KK Triangle garden”

HOWTO meet new friends in Bay View (and Milwaukee)

The search term “meet new friends in bayview milwaukee” came up in my blog’s log, which got me thinking, how do you do that? For one thing, you can easily walk around the neighborhood, especially if you live in Bay View. The neighborhood of Bay View, defined by the Bay View Historical Society as extendingContinue reading “HOWTO meet new friends in Bay View (and Milwaukee)”