Wisconsin web site cost $2 MILLION dollars!

Dan Cody is an old school techie like me, having used USENET back in the days when a 2400 baud modem was literally the hottest thing since an overclocked 386 without a dedicated cooling system. Bad analogies aside, Dan took it upon himself to take the old story about how the new Campaign Finance InformationContinue reading “Wisconsin web site cost $2 MILLION dollars!”

Happy 25th birthday, Macintosh!

O Macintosh, though I may have once developed a foreign operating system to run on your hardware (the PowerPC, not 680×0 or x86), you have done me right since we were first introduced in 1987. I know, that makes me a newbie, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere. Yeah, happy birthday! (Yes gads, thatContinue reading “Happy 25th birthday, Macintosh!”

Two glimpses inside the tight cocoon that is Apple, Inc.

While I wish Steve Jobs the best of health, one also must wonder how good or bad his infamous vice grip on secrecy at Apple actually is for the health of the company. Financially, it’s been great since he returned in 1997. They just had $1.61 billion in profits, and went from being a fadingContinue reading “Two glimpses inside the tight cocoon that is Apple, Inc.”

SimCity iPhone — HOWTO run mass transit?

One of the problems with software released for the iPhone and iPod Touch (the latter of which we have) is that documentation can be a bit on the thin side, if there is any at all. SimCity knows is a complicated game, and simply laying zones and roads will not result in a happy metropolis.Continue reading “SimCity iPhone — HOWTO run mass transit?”

Are the recent Russian cyber-attacks Windows-based?

I have a question about the spate of apparently Russian cyber-attacks that have prompted the Defense Department to have President Bush sit down for a little talk. Here’s what prompted my question; quoting the L.A. Times: “Military computers are regularly beset by outside hackers, computer viruses and worms. But defense officials said the most recent attack involved anContinue reading “Are the recent Russian cyber-attacks Windows-based?”

Two computers die in two weeks; Backups save the day

Phew. Although both Stacie and I have now had our computers die, and the failure of hers is yet to be diagnosed much less fixed or replaced, we both have recent-enough backups of our essential data. For me, that means 1.67 gigabytes of photos, every single one of which are being restored to my laptopContinue reading “Two computers die in two weeks; Backups save the day”

Was iPhoto causing data corruption and permissions errors?

A while ago, prior to my MacBook’s hard drive being replacd, I noticed that something was occasionally eating pictures. Some photos would come through looking like they’d been run through a circular saw and then sloppily glued back together. Others would cause iPhoto to take its sweet time while opening a picture. Weeks later, whileContinue reading “Was iPhoto causing data corruption and permissions errors?”

A great experience at the Apple Store

After making two previous trips to the Apple Store at Bayshore Mall, I’d had enough. I was even ready to be assertive with my demands for service. (How un-liberal, pshaw!) But they went above and beyond my expectations. At first, it didn’t look that good. When the words “replace the hard drive” passed the store Genius’Continue reading “A great experience at the Apple Store”