Make your Gmail more safer

If you have a Google Mail account, there’s a very quick+easy way to run it through an encrypted SSL connection. If you don’t know what this is, trust me that you do want to do this. According to Slashdot, “A tool that automatically steals IDs of non-encrypted sessions and breaks into Google Mail accounts hasContinue reading “Make your Gmail more safer”

Howdy from the megachurch Apple Store on Fifth Avenue

Yup, we descended down the glassy stairs of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan just so I could make this post.   Mayfair + Bayshore Apple Store: “church” Chicago Magnificent Mile Apple Store: “cathedral” The glass cube Manhattan Apple Store: “megachurch”   which would make 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino the Vatican?   hmm. If you add the aboveContinue reading “Howdy from the megachurch Apple Store on Fifth Avenue”

So I made a Milwaukee group on this bicycling website…

Indeed, there is now a Milwaukee group on the As of 9:00 on Wednesday night, our five members have logged a total of 124 miles. What’s cool about this is that all of us found the site through an article over on, and the other four members joined since I posted a commentContinue reading “So I made a Milwaukee group on this bicycling website…”