Sustainable Tosa joins the Cheddarsphere

Somehow, I don’t think Walker (Tosa Ranger) would not be too interested in the Sustainable Tosa blog. Unless he’s had a sudden change of heart about, say, everything. In which case, enjoy! And you should, too. I have a feeling some other major-minor announcement may soon be coming up in this regard as well. NotContinue reading “Sustainable Tosa joins the Cheddarsphere”

Issue 2 of the Milwaukee Anthropologist is online

My friend and colleague Mike Timm has released the second issue of his new journal Milwaukee Anthropologist. The journal is described “[as] an experimental publication that seeks to unite voices of enlightened authority from disparate disciplines, engaging a conversation about themes of human import.” In other words, may I say that it brings insightful voicesContinue reading “Issue 2 of the Milwaukee Anthropologist is online”

A brief break from blogging

(Know what’s cool? The iPod Touch somehow recognized my mis-tapping of “blogging,” and its non-intrusive spelling suggestion corrected it for me. Nice.) Anyhow, school has suddenly taken on much greater significance in my life than blogging (hah, got it a second time), so I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from blogging while getting very deepContinue reading “A brief break from blogging”

Temporarily blogging a bit less right now; reading Homer – The Odyssey

Trying to install the latest OS X update turned my computer into a lump of dough the other day. The bad news is that I can’t find the Mac OS X 10.5 install disc, but the good news is that the nice people at the Apple Store will take care of me. The sucky partContinue reading “Temporarily blogging a bit less right now; reading Homer – The Odyssey”

Oh no, Soviet icons on display. Evil must be afoot. *yawn*

It’s funny when psuedojournalists try to raise a tizzy about something. Tim over at The Other Side of My Mouth pauses to wonder why on earth some local right-wing bloggers with a slow news day are trying to make hay over “a video of a trip to Burlington Coat Factory where are found — gaspContinue reading “Oh no, Soviet icons on display. Evil must be afoot. *yawn*”