Getting ready for the Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz of 2009

My home garden bed is coming right along in preparation for the Blitz that will be happening next week Saturday. Using some tools loaned by very generous neighbors, I’ve gotten the dandelion population largely under control, at least in the garden bed. And today, I reunited with an old compatriat to haul a very largeContinue reading “Getting ready for the Great Milwaukee Garden Blitz of 2009”

“Distributed Suburban CSA”

For some time now I’ve envisioned a CSA or similar operation based in otherwise empty and abandoned city lots. We have about 3,000 here in Milwaukee — a tiny fraction of those in the city of Detroit, which has at least thirty-three times as many! NPR has a story on Detroit lots becoming farms that’sContinue reading ““Distributed Suburban CSA””

Interest in gardening continues to grow in Milwaukee

As the Awesome Depression deepens, the Journal Sentinel and JSOnline have picked up a strong and consistent stream of stories on gardening. In print, we have seen columns on making compost, a much better form of fertilizer than any artificial product ever could be. Online, they offer a series of podcasts with tips for growingContinue reading “Interest in gardening continues to grow in Milwaukee”

Do you believe in coincidence?

Quoting an email from myself to a few other folks in and around Bay View and Shorewood: Just a little earlier today, I was over in dear brother Godsil’s kitchen, and broached the possibility of a neighborhood farm. With that idea spoken and out in the air, the day went on. Meanwhile, Dana and GretchenContinue reading “Do you believe in coincidence?”

Breaking ground for the White House garden has occurred

Earlier today First Lady Michelle Obama led the groundbreaking for the new White House vegetable garden. The new 1,000 square foot garden is the first garden in at least eight years. (The Clintons had a rooftop garden on the White House many years before rooftop gardens became a rapidly spreading (and very good) trend.) FarmFedContinue reading “Breaking ground for the White House garden has occurred”

Gardening returns to the White House lawn

Shortly after Barack Obama won election to the presidency, a movement spread across the ‘net calling on the Obama White House to have a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. That idea has been accepted and will soon become reality, according to ABC News. Quoting that story: “In an effort to promote healthy eating,Continue reading “Gardening returns to the White House lawn”

Sustainable Tosa joins the Cheddarsphere

Somehow, I don’t think Walker (Tosa Ranger) would not be too interested in the Sustainable Tosa blog. Unless he’s had a sudden change of heart about, say, everything. In which case, enjoy! And you should, too. I have a feeling some other major-minor announcement may soon be coming up in this regard as well. NotContinue reading “Sustainable Tosa joins the Cheddarsphere”

Radio story on aquaculture at a Milwaukee public school

Our local public radio station WUWM 89.9 FM had a great story this Friday morning about the aquaculture-bearing greenhouse at Fernwood Montessori School here on Milwaukee’s south side. The full text of the story is on the web site, along with the audio and some pictures from the greenhouse. Thanks to Susan Bence and WUWMContinue reading “Radio story on aquaculture at a Milwaukee public school”

The power of farming is alive and well

NPR has a curious story about how a Colorado farmer had an overwhelming response when he said he “would give away free vegetables on his farm, an estimated 40,000 people [emphasis added] showed up. Miller talks about what prompted his offer and the overwhelming response.” Given that Mr. Miller’s farm is about 30 miles awayContinue reading “The power of farming is alive and well”