A walk through Milwaukee’s history via the Grand Avenue mall

Having worked downtown and explored much of the area between Water Street, 794, and Marquette, I know that West Wisconsin Avenue, the street formerly known as Grand Avenue, has a great amount of potential as a new place for people to shop and enjoy life. The fine blog UrbanMilwaukee.com has taken a good hard lookContinue reading “A walk through Milwaukee’s history via the Grand Avenue mall”

“Have you watched ‘The End of Suburbia’?” No, I haven’t, and here’s why.

An acquaintance recently asked me that very question. “Jason, have you watched ‘The End of Suburbia‘? The focus is on Oil Depletion and the impact it will have on suburbs and ex-burbs.” “No,” I replied. “I’ve heard of it, but my interest in seeing it is minimal, despite being a biodiesel activist. I know thatContinue reading ““Have you watched ‘The End of Suburbia’?” No, I haven’t, and here’s why.”

Plans for a new Church’s Chicken on North Ave. scuttled

As discussed on this blog in late July, the Journal Sentinel’s resident grump Patrick McIlheran went on about how a local community activist had the gall to stand up and object to yet another fast food restaurant being planned for the center of the poorest part of Milwaukee’s African-American neighborhood. As it turns out, plansContinue reading “Plans for a new Church’s Chicken on North Ave. scuttled”

UWM’s double message: “Live and learn in the city” and its Wauwatosa expansion plans

Ah, my fair university, how fickle thou art. UW-Milwaukee is preparing for its annual open house. A theme of the event is “Live and Learn in the City!” In the promotional image shown below, a diverse group of young students are standing in front of some buildings in downtown Milwaukee as a Milwaukee County TransitContinue reading “UWM’s double message: “Live and learn in the city” and its Wauwatosa expansion plans”

Tear down the Hoan Bridge?

Holy landmark teardowns, Batman! To remove the Hoan Bridge, named in honor of Milwaukee’s last great Socialist Mayor Daniel W. Hoan, would be quite a feat. But it does bear consideration. The sheer cost of maintaining the bridge is one factor. I honestly don’t know what it costs or what it takes. I’m grateful thatContinue reading “Tear down the Hoan Bridge?”

Recalls About Wal-Mart, Round 2.5: Muskego Revisited

As Greg at MMT wrote about earlier today, the effort to recall Muskego Ald. Noah Fiedler has fizzled. This happened because our friends at CRG did not get someone who lives in the district that Ald. Fiedler represents. (See the story at JS.) To be clear, this alder voted for having a Sprawl-Mart. Meanwhile aContinue reading “Recalls About Wal-Mart, Round 2.5: Muskego Revisited”

Scott Walker still wants to privatize Mitchell Field

Bad ideas die hard. Proof of this is the persistence of the idea that privatizing General Mitchell International Airport would somehow be of benefit to Milwaukee County. The idea persists among Milwaukee County’s right-wing believers, chief among them County Executive Scott Walker. By his thinking, through leasing operation of the airport to a third party,Continue reading “Scott Walker still wants to privatize Mitchell Field”

Two opinions on proposed Cudahy Wal-Mart

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran dueling “community” opinion columns about having Wal-Mart Supercenter in Cudahy. While the dualistic approach to considering issues severely limits the range of consideration, these sorts of columns are often revealing when one uses them to look for how much weight each side gives its arguments. Writing in favor of havingContinue reading “Two opinions on proposed Cudahy Wal-Mart”