Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden

This came in via email a moment ago: Hope all is well!!  I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the major beautification plans that are underway for the Bay View Hide House Community Garden.  Teri, from Arts at Large, has coordinated a phenomenal project between Muneer (fabulous artist that did Walnut Way) and TippieContinue reading “Sept. 10th Beautification Day at the Bay View Hide House Garden”

Compass coverage of the community’s quick collaboration

The Bay View Compass has produced some great photos and a very enthusiastic article about our new garden. Thanks to Mike Timm for his fine writing and camera work. You can find the article over here. Bonus points if you can find my daughter in not one but two photographs. She’s even in a third,Continue reading “Compass coverage of the community’s quick collaboration”

Video of the BV Hide House Community Garden

I just found this video. Most of it is of our truly great leader Melissa Tashjian describing what’s going to go on with the big community garden that we built on Saturday. It’s all true, and relevant. I found that in the first twelve seconds of the video, you can see the garden after manyContinue reading “Video of the BV Hide House Community Garden”

2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!

No rest for the gleeful gardeners among us. Last year on Memorial Day weekend, the Victory Garden Initiative got to work all across the greater Milwaukee area and created over two thousand square feet of new garden space. At out house along, six 4×8′ raised beds were built, and our neighbor was so excited thatContinue reading “2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!”

Hide House Community Garden to be featured on “Lake Effect” radio show

We got word today that our freshly built community garden will be the subject of a feature story on WUWM 89.9-FM’S “Lake Effect” radio show this week! The segment is produced by WUWM’s environmental reporter Susan Bence, who’s covered the Milwaukee urban ag scene for some time now. (Urban ag stories by Ms. Bence abound!)Continue reading “Hide House Community Garden to be featured on “Lake Effect” radio show”

The gardens, they are built!

As I wrote yesterday, we turned an empty lot into a very big community gaden today! All but a few of perhaps one hundred and five beds have been built and filled with compost and soil! Pictures (mine anyway) will follow within 24 hours. Here are some already on Flikr [with more in another account]:Continue reading “The gardens, they are built!”

Tomorrow, we turn an empty lot into a huge community garden!

Building 110 garden beds, moving a few gazillion cubic yards of soil, then partying till we fall over? Yes we can! For tomorrow morning, the rain will stop, the clouds will part, and the people of the south side will come together for building the greatest community garden Bay View has ever seen! Eleven palletsContinue reading “Tomorrow, we turn an empty lot into a huge community garden!”