CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation

Most likely now you’ve heard that my friend and colleague Chris “capper” Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee, has become the subject of an investigation by the District Attorney’s office. Someone, and it’s pretty clear who that is now, had complained that Capper was making blogs posts during work hours during work time. Capper does somethingContinue reading “CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation”

Capper gets love from Sykes

Aww, he really likes you, Capper! What’s really amusing is to read the comments. They’re all from people that have never met Chris or have a clue what he’s actually about. But when something is chanelled through the filters of the hard right, especially the champion of women rights that is Charlie Sykes, it takesContinue reading “Capper gets love from Sykes”

[MCF] Public Transit Can Help Save Money And The Environment

Capper, a.k.a. Chris Liebenthal has a new post up on the Milwaukee County First blog showing that public transit, be it by bus or rail, is good for communities. It’s a myth that no one takes the bus; many people in the County depend on it to get around. While it would be to ourContinue reading “[MCF] Public Transit Can Help Save Money And The Environment”

When McBride and the Right help the Left

They’re generous. More generous than they should be. My blog stats went boi-oiii-oing when word of the Flynn-McBride affair hit the interwebs, as did Folkbum‘s and Wallah‘s. In fact, for a brief and shining day, I was almost half as well-read as Dan Cody. That’s something to aspire to! Thank you, Jessica, for completing us.Continue reading “When McBride and the Right help the Left”