Mass transit meeting tomorrow 9/13 in Cudahy

My colleague¬†Supervisor Pat Jursik and I will be hosting a pair of major South Side Community Meetings on the future of the MCTS transit system.¬†We are facing major cuts to MCTS, so we need to hear from folks who depend on it, or know people that do. Here are the details via our press release.Continue reading “Mass transit meeting tomorrow 9/13 in Cudahy”

Great time at Fourth of July parade in Cudahy

The south side city of Cudahy, Wisconsin puts on a fine Fourth of July parade. I had a great time, accompanying state Rep. Christine Sinicki’s convoy, throwing candy to the crowd and wishing folks a happy Fourth. This parade was made a lot easier for me, as the float behind us, which I believe wasContinue reading “Great time at Fourth of July parade in Cudahy”

2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!

No rest for the gleeful gardeners among us. Last year on Memorial Day weekend, the Victory Garden Initiative got to work all across the greater Milwaukee area and created over two thousand square feet of new garden space. At out house along, six 4×8′ raised beds were built, and our neighbor was so excited thatContinue reading “2010 Victory Garden Blitz is revving up!”