Dan Cody’s brother wrote a book. A book about explosions.

And that is probably the most inaccurate five word description of the book that one could come up with. It’s not that Dan’s brother Jonathon wrote about about explosions, or even blowing stuff up. It’s that he does that. And he does it for the U.S. Army. I had no idea that Dan had aContinue reading “Dan Cody’s brother wrote a book. A book about explosions.”

When McBride and the Right help the Left

They’re generous. More generous than they should be. My blog stats went boi-oiii-oing when word of the Flynn-McBride affair hit the interwebs, as did Folkbum‘s and Wallah‘s. In fact, for a brief and shining day, I was almost half as well-read as Dan Cody. That’s something to aspire to! Thank you, Jessica, for completing us.Continue reading “When McBride and the Right help the Left”