Old (new) “Doctor Who” versus the new (new) “Doctor Who”

A rerun of the reincarnated BBC series “Doctor Who”  is on. While I wasn’t crazy about David Tennant at first, with time his Doctor grew on me. It’s a direct confirmation for me that Tennant’s Doctor was far better than Matt Smith’s Doctor. In fact, the happy scamper he, Amy, and Rory did onto the TARDISContinue reading “Old (new) “Doctor Who” versus the new (new) “Doctor Who””

You know what’s awesome? A Dalek cake for your birthday!

As today was my birthday, we celebrated it at the at the free Chill on the Hill concert in Humboldt Park with a homemade Dalek cake. As in, a cake that looks like a Dalek. And yes, we has pictures: The view from the front and the side… …And this is quite possibly the onlyContinue reading “You know what’s awesome? A Dalek cake for your birthday!”