I just don’t get wearable tech. At least not yet.

Call a sign of growing old. Call it a sign of a growing curmudgeonly nature. Call it what you will—I don’t understand this push for so-called wearable technology. What I’m really saying is, I don’t understand the value that this will add. How will it be sufficiently better than what tablets and smartphones can giveContinue reading “I just don’t get wearable tech. At least not yet.”

Woohoo! Jailbreaking electronic devices temporarily legalized

Yup, for the next there years, people can legally “jailbreak” their iPhones and hop to another wireless carrier. (Now I just need an iPhone to jailbreak…) Though I do not anything that’s limited by DRM in a way that effects me—DVD encryption has not—I’m happy to see some relief coming from the tortures of DRM.Continue reading “Woohoo! Jailbreaking electronic devices temporarily legalized”

DRM makes the easy and possible into the simply impossible

My old friend/drinking buddy/Dane County Supervisor Al Matano may remember me once back in late 2001 or 2002 going off at our favorite local bar about how so called “digital rights management” (DRM) was going to be a tool that a fanatical government or malevolent corporation would use to quell leaks.Turns out I was forContinue reading “DRM makes the easy and possible into the simply impossible”