2010 Endorsements

High time i got to this. Let’s make it brief, except when it’s not: U.S. Senate: Russ Feingold As I said previously, in this day and age when so many are hollering about “defending the constitution,” it’s a travesty that people think the one Senator who has stood up for the U.S. Constitution and ourContinue reading “2010 Endorsements”

First a primary, then Drinking Liberally

One thing on one day, one thing on another. Tomorrow, Feb. 17, we democracy geeks cast votes in the primary for judges and state superintendent. Sometimes, though, even the democracy geeks in the crowd lose sight of elections. So here’s a very short list of who to vote for: State Superintendent: Tony Evers. Jay BullockContinue reading “First a primary, then Drinking Liberally”