Foklbum: By the way, capper wasn’t blogging

Another one of Scott Walker’s staffers gets a computer removed from his office for an investigation about actual blogging, if not campaigning, during work hours. That is what Darlene Wink was discovered to be doing. My friend Capper was falsely accused of doing similar things, in what we know was a failed attempt to stopContinue reading “Foklbum: By the way, capper wasn’t blogging”

CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation

Most likely now you’ve heard that my friend and colleague Chris “capper” Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee, has become the subject of an investigation by the District Attorney’s office. Someone, and it’s pretty clear who that is now, had complained that Capper was making blogs posts during work hours during work time. Capper does somethingContinue reading “CRG succeeds in wasting taxpayer dollars on bogus investigation”

A tale of not two, but three maps

My curiosity piqued a few days ago when I saw this image of two juxtaposed maps over on Folkbum’s blog: What you’re looking at (please correct me if I’m wrong, Jay) on the left is a map of “[Milwaukee] schools with high numbers of poor students [who] perform poorly on tests of academic achievement.” NoteContinue reading “A tale of not two, but three maps”

When McBride and the Right help the Left

They’re generous. More generous than they should be. My blog stats went boi-oiii-oing when word of the Flynn-McBride affair hit the interwebs, as did Folkbum‘s and Wallah‘s. In fact, for a brief and shining day, I was almost half as well-read as Dan Cody. That’s something to aspire to! Thank you, Jessica, for completing us.Continue reading “When McBride and the Right help the Left”

First a primary, then Drinking Liberally

One thing on one day, one thing on another. Tomorrow, Feb. 17, we democracy geeks cast votes in the primary for judges and state superintendent. Sometimes, though, even the democracy geeks in the crowd lose sight of elections. So here’s a very short list of who to vote for: State Superintendent: Tony Evers. Jay BullockContinue reading “First a primary, then Drinking Liberally”