Non-shocker of the day: JS endorses Plale

It comes as no surprise that the Journal Sentinel Editorial Board has endorsed incumbent Sen. Jeff Plale.  The board usually endorses incumbents unless they’ve done truly wrong. Plale killing the Clean Energy Jobs Act — which the board says he’s wrong on — was not enough for them to shift their endorsement. They’re very pro-incumbent,Continue reading “Non-shocker of the day: JS endorses Plale”

2010 Endorsements

High time i got to this. Let’s make it brief, except when it’s not: U.S. Senate: Russ Feingold As I said previously, in this day and age when so many are hollering about “defending the constitution,” it’s a travesty that people think the one Senator who has stood up for the U.S. Constitution and ourContinue reading “2010 Endorsements”

Plale push poll spreads misinformation about Chris Larson

You can tell incumbent state senator Jeff Plale (DINO-Bucyrus) is feeling threatened. His primary challenger Chris Larson is posing a serious threat to Plale’s comfortable incumbency. As Plale’s well-financed backers couldn’t find anything serious to use against Larson, they’re using an old true-but-irrelevant fact to try and scare voters—that Chris was arrested many years agoContinue reading “Plale push poll spreads misinformation about Chris Larson”

IT industry and political donations: party, PAC, and individual

Apple, Google and Yahoo are single-handedly undermining America! claims one Michael Reagan*, son of the former president, and pitchman for, a new “all-conservative” email service. The venerable English IT news web site The Register has a breakdown of computer and telecom industry political contributions based on info from the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics’Continue reading “IT industry and political donations: party, PAC, and individual”

Former Rep. Scott Jensen creeps into the Larson-Plale race

While tonight’s not an easy one to do blogging in for me, this is worth noting. Brookfield’s finest former Republican state legislator (well,  one a state legislator, always a Republican) Scott Jensen has started raising money for incumbent Democrat-on-paper state senator Jeff Plale. Dan Bice broke of word it today, which Jim Rowen rightfully describedContinue reading “Former Rep. Scott Jensen creeps into the Larson-Plale race”

New term of the day: Pay to-Plale

State Sentator Jeff Plale’s finance report keeps keeps turning up golden nugget after golden nugget of contributions from well-oiled corporate lobbying machines. Xoff has dubbed it Pay to Plale. Zach Dubya pointed out numerous donations from cable TV and coal company executives. And he pointed out the surprising-yet-not-surprising contributions from two top dogs from right-wingContinue reading “New term of the day: Pay to-Plale”

Jeff Plale’s money train: Coal, Cable, and WMC load up

Zach W. over at Blogging Blue has a fantastic post that succinctly summarizes what this primary is all about. Plale represents the interests of the coal, cable, and telecommunication giants, not the people of Cudahy, St. Francis, or South Milwaukee. Plale’s telecom deregulation bill opened the way for AT&T to raise rates on its customers.Continue reading “Jeff Plale’s money train: Coal, Cable, and WMC load up”

Plale, feeling pressure, pounds out press releases

Pop quiz: You’re a corporate-financed incumbent state senator with very low approval ratings among your constituents. Suddenly, you are facing a very capable primary challenger. How do you respond? A. Buy brats for everyone in the district. B. Insult people that have endorsed you behind their backs. C. Become a press release machine. If youContinue reading “Plale, feeling pressure, pounds out press releases”

Larson calls for real solution for crumbling Hoan Bridge

Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson has blasted state Sen. Jeff Plale’s cunning plan to divert federal money that was allocated for development of a passenger rail corridor between Madison and Milwaukee in order to fix the ailing Hoan Bridge. It is of course no secret that Larson is a progressive embodiment of the anti-incumbent moodContinue reading “Larson calls for real solution for crumbling Hoan Bridge”

Larson picks up endorsements from two county sups

County Supervisor Chris Larson has earned the endorsements of Milwaukee County Supervisors Gerry Broderick [PDF] and Marina Dimitrijevic [PDF]. Broderick’s endorsement came today at an east side fundraiser. In a statement, Broderick said: “Chris Larson would be a wonderful Senator to represent my constituents and the 7th Wisconsin Senate District,” said Broderick. “He’ll fight hardContinue reading “Larson picks up endorsements from two county sups”