Will Apple change the world again today?

The electrified, computer-using world anyway. ArsTechnica will be live blogging the “media event,” but I want to try to watch it live. There’s also this live blogging feed. 9:10 chance they’ll be unveiling their much-rumored “tablet” today. We’ll see what else comes of it. Later: Yup. Gotta love The Register: “Steve Jobs uncloaks the ‘iPad’;Continue reading “Will Apple change the world again today?”

SimCity iPhone — HOWTO run mass transit?

One of the problems with software released for the iPhone and iPod Touch (the latter of which we have) is that documentation can be a bit on the thin side, if there is any at all. SimCity knows is a complicated game, and simply laying zones and roads will not result in a happy metropolis.Continue reading “SimCity iPhone — HOWTO run mass transit?”