SimCity iPhone tip: plant trees!

Ever since I started planting trees around my city, I’ve noticed the population skyrocketing and the city’s income rising to the point where I could lower taxes and still make money. It also has a thriving downtown, although transit is an ongoing issue. And despite the apparent “revolts” over transit and taxes, the population nowContinue reading “SimCity iPhone tip: plant trees!”

SimCity iPhone — HOWTO run mass transit?

One of the problems with software released for the iPhone and iPod Touch (the latter of which we have) is that documentation can be a bit on the thin side, if there is any at all. SimCity knows is a complicated game, and simply laying zones and roads will not result in a happy metropolis.Continue reading “SimCity iPhone — HOWTO run mass transit?”

DRM makes the easy and possible into the simply impossible

My old friend/drinking buddy/Dane County Supervisor Al Matano may remember me once back in late 2001 or 2002 going off at our favorite local bar about how so called “digital rights management” (DRM) was going to be a tool that a fanatical government or malevolent corporation would use to quell leaks.Turns out I was forContinue reading “DRM makes the easy and possible into the simply impossible”