We’ve been in Iraq for seven years.

My daughter was about six months old when we joined much of the world in marching in protest of the Bush administration’s war plans. My daughter, now age seven, has never known her country to not be at war. Seven years, tens of thousands of dead people—American, British, Spanish, and especially Iraqi people—and hundreds ofContinue reading “We’ve been in Iraq for seven years.”

Dan Cody’s brother wrote a book. A book about explosions.

And that is probably the most inaccurate five word description of the book that one could come up with. It’s not that Dan’s brother Jonathon wrote about about explosions, or even blowing stuff up. It’s that he does that. And he does it for the U.S. Army. I had no idea that Dan had aContinue reading “Dan Cody’s brother wrote a book. A book about explosions.”

Welcome back, Tarik!

Tarik (aka The Architect) has been a mainstay at Radio Milwaukee for much of the station’s history. For the past year or so, he had been deployed to Iraq with the Army Reserve. But, while coming home from Transfer tonight, I heard a familiar voice on 88.9, and practically shouted to myself, “Is that Tarik?!”Continue reading “Welcome back, Tarik!”

Stephen Colbert’s new hair

(Thought I’d posted this this morning. Well, here it is, 14 hours later!) For Stephen Colbert to take his show to Iraq was a freaking fantastic idea in and of itself, and Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando was incredibly fun to watch. I think the troops were eating up every word, and truly gleeful toContinue reading “Stephen Colbert’s new hair”