Oh, this ~is~ on.

Hello, world. I remember you. I found this, rediscovered it by a chance web search for “Jasmine Owens murdered milwaukee.”¬†Jasmine Owens was a five-year-old girl who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in 2005. She looked an awful lot like my own¬†five-year-old daughter, which scared the living hell out of me. Hence my postContinue reading “Oh, this ~is~ on.”

Detroit, not Rome, is burning

Nothing like it when you consider that an arsonist has set eleven abandoned properties ablaze in the past month. Or that there were “6,486 arson fires in 2008 investigated by the Arson Squad,” according to the Detroit News. This line rings a bell for me: “[Detroit] fire and city officials [are] worried as Halloween nears,Continue reading “Detroit, not Rome, is burning”