South Carolina newspaper finds that sex sells, or at least makes web traffic

As I noted here yesterday, the McFly Affair drove traffic on this blog and several other lefty blogs to rarely seen heights. And the latest sex scandal, this one from South Carolina by way of Argentina, has had a similar effect on a newspaper’s web site. The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C. has been leadingContinue reading “South Carolina newspaper finds that sex sells, or at least makes web traffic”

When McBride and the Right help the Left

They’re generous. More generous than they should be. My blog stats went boi-oiii-oing when word of the Flynn-McBride affair hit the interwebs, as did Folkbum‘s and Wallah‘s. In fact, for a brief and shining day, I was almost half as well-read as Dan Cody. That’s something to aspire to! Thank you, Jessica, for completing us.Continue reading “When McBride and the Right help the Left”

“Prominent local journalist” had affair with police chief

[Formerly entitled “Is it just me, or is a big story about to break?”] [Nov. 19: Dan Bice has another story which is drawing people here. I’m still perplexed as to why he identifies Ms. McBride as a “prominent” local journalist, or why he [the paper] allows linking to coverage on WTMJ-4 without bothering toContinue reading ““Prominent local journalist” had affair with police chief”

A small contradiction in UWM’s course offerings

UWM teaches elementary logic and other such logic classes. Logic is a very good tool for turning the hollow arguments of right-wing squakers on their heads. UWM also teaches journalism. You need to take a class in formal reasoning in order to graduate with a journalism degree. Jessica McBride is a non-tenured journalism instructor atContinue reading “A small contradiction in UWM’s course offerings”