Walking workers back after the one-day strike

Today, I walked a dozen fast food workers back to their jobs the day after they had participated in the one-day strike for a living wage and the right to organize without retaliation. And certainly, I was not alone. We made dozens of trips in large vans over the course of the day, accompanying workersContinue reading “Walking workers back after the one-day strike”

Milwaukee’s old manufacturing base at Rockwell takes another body blow

I asked one of the servers at Transfer Pizzeria, “Did you hear about the electrical workers at Rockwell?” “No,” she said. “What’s up?” “They got laid off.” “Oh. That explains why I haven’t seen them in about a month. They used to come in here once a week. They were a great crowd…” • •Continue reading “Milwaukee’s old manufacturing base at Rockwell takes another body blow”

Obama will be in Milwaukee on Monday 9/1/08

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will be at the Rally for America’s Workers in Milwaukee on Labor Day, Monday September 1st. Union members are able to get reservation tickets, while the rest of us will have to go to one of the many Obama offices to get ours. I’ll be camping out an hour orContinue reading “Obama will be in Milwaukee on Monday 9/1/08”