Three redevelopment notes from northside, downtown Milwaukee

Perusing Tom Daykin’s Land and Space blog tonight, these pieces caught my eye: • New King Drive apartment building, food market opening • Everest College wins approval for downtown campus; • New apartments opening at Grand Avenue’s Plankinton building That is in reverse chronological order, but follow in geographical order, north to south. So let’sContinue reading “Three redevelopment notes from northside, downtown Milwaukee”

Chryspac‎ to move from S. 1st St. to near the airport

This probably doesn’t mean that much to most of you, but it’s curious to me. As noted in Tom Daykin’s “Land and Space” blog on 30 March 2010, the packaging company Chryspac “has signed a lease for 33,000 square feet at a building at 130 W. Edgerton Ave…” That is just south of Layton andContinue reading “Chryspac‎ to move from S. 1st St. to near the airport”

Empty lots on Milwaukee north side likely to see redevelopment

Encouraging news came from Tom Daykin’s “Land And Space” blog, which, by the way, is my favorite part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online content. The story ran as a regular article in the print edition, telling us that Dane County property development corporation Gorman & Co. seeks to purchase some forty lots from theContinue reading “Empty lots on Milwaukee north side likely to see redevelopment”

MJS: “Large Asian market proposed for northwest side”

This could be very good for fans of Asian food, to say nothing of those whom this is their native food. Tom Daykin’s Land and Space column has an article on a proposal to divide a large building located on 76th Street between Mills and Florist Avenuie “into 10-feet by 10-feet stalls that would be rented toContinue reading “MJS: “Large Asian market proposed for northwest side””

“Land and Space” blog, the Reed Street Yards, and urban redevelopment

Following a link on the Walker’s Point blog, I became absorbed by Tom Daykin’s “Land and Space” blog that he writes for the Journal Sentinel. . First, I read this item, “City proposes spending $6.5 million on south side business park“; it discusses the City of Milwaukee looking at buying up a bunch of industrial wastelandContinue reading ““Land and Space” blog, the Reed Street Yards, and urban redevelopment”