BoingBoing: Award-winning assembly-language animation running on a classic Mac

This is really impressive. Somebody was able to use assembly-language programming, which basically is speaking directly to the computer’s CPU rather than going through a nicely cushioned programming system, to make an old black and white Macintosh computer do some pretty righteous animation. I never saw the likes of this on any of my oldContinue reading “BoingBoing: Award-winning assembly-language animation running on a classic Mac”

Was iPhoto causing data corruption and permissions errors?

A while ago, prior to my MacBook’s hard drive being replacd, I noticed that something was occasionally eating pictures. Some photos would come through looking like they’d been run through a circular saw and then sloppily glued back together. Others would cause iPhoto to take its sweet time while opening a picture. Weeks later, whileContinue reading “Was iPhoto causing data corruption and permissions errors?”

A great experience at the Apple Store

After making two previous trips to the Apple Store at Bayshore Mall, I’d had enough. I was even ready to be assertive with my demands for service. (How un-liberal, pshaw!) But they went above and beyond my expectations. At first, it didn’t look that good. When the words “replace the hard drive” passed the store Genius’Continue reading “A great experience at the Apple Store”