Early Wisc. Gov. prediction

Barrett vs. Neumann in the general, assuming Barrett announces his intention to enter on Sunday.

And I’d say Barrett will win it. Sure, he’s from Milwaukee, but this seems to be a tick in his favor. He’s shown he can hold the line on spending while also working to renovate and improve the city. His experience with the federal government will come in handy, too. That may be tempered by Neumann’s own time in Congress, but Barrett has shown that he can use it to the advantage of the city, if not the state.

So far, my record has been pretty good on predicting the winning vice presidential candidates in major elections. (Yay?) I knew Al Gore would be Clinton’s veep, and that Cheney would select himself for Bush II, and they’d get in through some questionable means. I also figured Doyle would win in Wisconsin, that Kerry wouldn’t make it in ’04, and that Obama would carry through over Clinton and McCain. (Having lived in New Mexico, I carried a small hope for Bill Richardson, though I knew his chances were poor.) So we’ll see how this goes. It’s for governor, and not vice president. But we’ll see.

I think Barrett has done a fine job in Milwaukee, and I’m wondering who will step up to take his place should he win in 2010.

Prospective mayoral candidates, you are always welcome at Drinking Liberally. Speaking of, what are you doing next Wednesday night?


Walker or Neumann, which will it be?

As the Sheboygan-based blog SheVegas notes, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker will run against incumbent Gov. Jim Doyle for governor in 2010. This will come with as a great shock to approximately no one, as Walker is as subtle as a wet sock hitting you in the face. What may have come as a surprise to some is the possible presence of former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann in the race. The possible entry of Neumann into the race was telegraphed by Jim Klauser, whom Uppity Wisconsin describes as “a very smart GOP operative,” wrote an open letter to WisPolitics.com that advocated for Mark Neumann to join the race.

Now, as I was out of the state when Neumann ran against Sen. Feingold, I don’t know much about him. I know a thing or two about Walker, having watched the continued decline of Milwaukee County under his reign as county exec. But, how do these two stack up compared to one another?

Did Neumann graduate from college?

Is Walker a devoted Christian?

Do they both have plans to freeze taxes, and if so, how do they compare?

If the Republican primary was tomorrow, who which one should I vote for?

It’s time to start thinking about and talking about it.

April 24: Feeling left out after seeing Neumann getting all the attention, Walker: Tosa Error has confirmed he’ll run in 2010.

April 26: James Rowen has delivered his thoughtful commentary on this matter.