Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings, Day 3

Today, the Committee reviewed the following budgets: • County Board • County Board – Department of Audit • County Board – Office of Community Business Development Partners • County Executive – General Office • County Executive – Veterans Service Office • District Attorney • Department of Child Support Services • Medical Examiner – Amendment approvedContinue reading “Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings, Day 3”

Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings Day 2

The second day of the budget hearings came and went today. In addition to the six members of the Finance Committee — please note that there are exactly six members — I was joined by Supervisor Pat Jursik, herself a Finance Committee member until Chairman Lee Holloway kicked her off the committee for some reason. No one hasContinue reading “Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings Day 2”

Day 1 of Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings

Today was the first meeting on the 2012 budget by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Finance & Audit Committee. This intrepid group of seven six county supervisors, more commonly referred to as the Finance Committee, or just “Finance,” is entrusted with leading us through the dissection of the proposed 2012 county budget. If youContinue reading “Day 1 of Milwaukee County 2012 budget hearings”

Results from 29 Sept 2011 Milwaukee County Board meeting

As published by the County. The numbers (e.g. 4-15) are the votes on each item. There are currently 19 supervisors, so you need 10 votes to pass an item. Also, we received the proposed 2012 budget from County Executive Abele today. We have begun digesting it to find where the cuts and changes will be.Continue reading “Results from 29 Sept 2011 Milwaukee County Board meeting”

The busy life of a full-time sup

Working in and about on this beautiful September day showed me a few times why I love living here in Milwaukee. Something about the air in this month, perhaps the angle that the sun is at as its light passes through the sky. It’s autumn, and i love it. Working with community groups has been one ofContinue reading “The busy life of a full-time sup”

My County Committee assignments

Chairman Holloway has released the new committee assignments for members of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors following the election of myself and Eyon Biddle to the board. I’m pretty psyched about my county committee assignments. They are Parks, Transit, and Personnel. Here’s info on each of them: Parks, Energy and Environment Meets at 9:00 A.M. on the 2nd Tuesday before the County Board Meeting AllContinue reading “My County Committee assignments”

Eyes forward to the future in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic had her vision for the future of the Milwaukee County government published  in the Sunday April 24 issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. As a friend of Marina’s and her colleague on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, I echo her call for cooperation and proactive governance. While the time ahead of us looksContinue reading “Eyes forward to the future in Milwaukee County”

Rallying for transit with other Milwaukee County Supervisors at Joint Finance hearing

I will be appearing with three future Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors colleagues at the State Legislatures Joint Finance Committee hearing. Here’s the announcement from Milwaukee County Supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic, 4th District, Patricia Jursik, 8th District, and Jim “Luigi” Schmitt, 19th District: For Immediate Release April 8, 2011 Contact: Harold Mester, Public Information Manager 414/278-4051 or “SAVE OURContinue reading “Rallying for transit with other Milwaukee County Supervisors at Joint Finance hearing”